Stenograph Announces Their New Logo

Stenograph, LLC, the leading technology and solutions provider for court reporting and captioning professionals, announced they are rebranding with a new logo and color scheme.

Their new logo represents the interconnected relationship between Stenograph’s core products – the steno writer and CAT software, with their newer technologies such as audio and video syncing, diverse methods of record capture, as well as agency workflow management solutions. The new logo brings each of these elements together to better embody Stenograph’s vision: Empowering the capture, preservation, and accessibility of verbatim records.

As Stenograph approached the rebranding and design, they also considered the power of color – an essential element in brand image. Blue was chosen because it symbolizes justice, trust, and security. Green, on the other hand, conveys harmony, growth, and innovation. Each of these qualities are at the core of what Stenograph stands for.

“For the last 82 years, Stenograph has been in the business of providing solutions to those who capture the verbatim record for the purpose of preserving justice and accessibility. We believe this new logo and color scheme reflect our outstanding history while looking toward the future and the incorporation of new and innovative technologies in our growing portfolio of solutions and services,” said Star Levandowski, Vice President of Products, Marketing and Strategy, Stenograph, LLC.

The new look is being launched in August 2020. All of Stenograph’s public-facing platforms, including their website and social media accounts will have the new look. In addition, it will be incorporated into all current and future Stenograph solutions and services.

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