Stenograph Announces the Release of CATalyst Version 22

Stenograph, LLC, is thrilled to announce an update to CATalyst®, the industry-leading software for computer-aided transcription, trusted by court reporters, scopists, CART providers, and captioners worldwide. Throughout its 25-year history, CATalyst has been at the forefront of leveraging advanced tools that make work faster, easier, and more efficient. 

CATalyst Version 22 contains audio features that expand how CATalyst is used while simplifying the workflow for users and improving accuracy. Direct Audio™ provides the ability to record and playback audio directly in CATalyst from web conferencing platforms used for remote and hybrid jobs by simplifying the setup and eliminating the need for specialized equipment, such as Zoom kits. For in-person proceedings, CATalyst reporters will now have access to multi-channel audio recording, which allows individual speakers to be isolated for clarity during audio playback for more efficient transcript editing.

“I am excited for CATalyst users to benefit from the ease of use that Direct Audio provides. With the increasing number of remote and hybrid jobs, it was important that we develop features customers can use in-person and remotely,” said Mansi Soni, Senior Product Manager, CATalyst & Steno Software. “During beta testing, we found that this solution worked efficiently in all proceedings that utilize audio capture in CATalyst. Also, the enhancements we made to Associate Audio and Break File will be great value adds to improving the workflow for our customers.” 

CATalyst Version 22 also boasts an array of new functionalities designed to optimize user productivity. Enhancements to Associate Audio will streamline the process of bringing non-WAV and non-Opus audio files into CATalyst by eliminating the audio file conversion process. Additionally, improvements to Break File functionality allow users to break a file and bring over only the associated audio, thereby reducing file storage size. Users will also benefit from toolbar icons that link directly to our unique training options, eliminating the hassle of manually navigating to external websites.

“In recent years, the legal landscape has evolved towards hybrid and remote proceedings, and the technology in CATalyst must evolve and innovate to empower users to work at peak efficiency,” says Mark Kuczora, VP of Marketing at Stenograph. “CATalyst Version 22 showcases our commitment to enhancing customer productivity and providing more frequent updates through continuous innovation.” 

Upgrading to CATalyst Version 22 is included at no additional cost for all customers who are currently on Stenograph's Edge for CATalyst support plan. Customers not currently on Edge may contact 800-323-4247. To see Direct Audio and all the new CATalyst Version 22 features in person, visit us at STARCON24 in San Diego, CA, April 18-20, 2024.

About Stenograph, LLC

Stenograph is a market leader in providing technology solutions for the legal transcription industry. For over 85 years, we have built our reputation by leading the industry in technical innovation, quality, and exceptional service. For questions about Stenograph, contact Mark Kuczora, Vice President of Marketing, at or call (800) 323-4247.

Source: Stenograph, LLC

About Stenograph, LLC

Stenograph, LLC is a market leader in providing technology solutions for the legal transcription industry.

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