SteelCrest Capitalizes on Hot Home Design Trend, Forms New Architectural Panel Division Architectural Panels & Design

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SteelCrest founders launched a new division focused on a growing demand for architectural panels used by architects and high-end interior designers for simple eye-pleasing aesthetic, a purpose-driven design element (such as a wind breaker or shade) and/or as an architectural feature. Already in the first year, sales have exceeded expectations as general contractors and architects realize its infinite applications.  Due to the custom design nature of metal panels, SteelCrest has set up product-specific team and its own website architectural

While showcasing products at multiple industry trade shows, SteelCrest’s co-founder Doug Lawyer and his team realized their newest product, Architectural Panels, was receiving most of the attention and inquiries by key clients, including high-end architects and interior designers.  As a result, they formed a world class designer team to specifically serve this growing trend. 

"We were blown away by the demand for the architectural panels and quickly realized that our top clients were hungry for information about its vast applications and inquiring about our design and production capabilities. To meet this demand, we have put together our best creative minds that exclusively work with architects and designers, and the response has been fantastic. It's amazing, really!"

Doug Lawyer, CEO of SteelCrest

The division, Architectural Panels & Design developed manufacturing processes and design procedures to create a product with both form and function. In little time, they have succeeded where many have failed. 

Orders of SteelCrest's high-end HVAC registers and decorative vent covers have jumped 250%. The highest demand came from the company's national network of retail distributors, as well as their newly formed partnerships with on-line home improvement and design websites such as, and   

"Architectural panel” describes a perforated or otherwise decorative laser-cut metal panel used as a simple eye-pleasing aesthetic, a purpose-driven design element (such as a wind breaker or shade) and/or as an architectural feature. Because of their flexibility, ease of design, and limitless possibilities, Architects, designers and contractors are finding more and more uses for this simple and cost effective design element.    

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About SteelCrest 
SteelCrest is a Phoenix-based manufacturer of high-end HVAC registers, decorative vent covers, metal grilles and architectural panels.  Founders Doug Lawyer and Ray Costello created SteelCrest with both function and elegant design in mind. SteelCrest’s ability to customize and execute any shape or pattern, including radius forms, has made them the go-to-choice for high-end interior designers and some of the nation’s top architects.

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