StayRunners Commences Operations in the United States With Its 24 Liquor Delivery Friends With Fridges Virtual Network

StayRunners, successfully operating across Canada coast to coast, is now expanding to the United States of America with its 24 Hour Liquor Delivery Friends with Fridges Virtual Network where Friends on the network who have some extra liquor in their fridge can get paid a delivery fee on the product that they gift to a fellow American when the liquor stores are closed. Concept brought to market by Canadian businessman magnate.

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StayRunners now enters the United States to allow fellow Americans to get their Liquor 24 hours a day from a friend on the network in exchange for a delivery fee. "When the liquor runs out or after everything is closed, people go to extreme measures to get liquor. I know this personally, as a close friend of mine passed away while driving intoxicated to a friend's house to get liquor. With the StayRunners 24 Hour Liquor Delivery Friends with Fridges virtual network, we do the driving for them to keep the good times rolling and keeping people safe," said the founder of StayRunners, Graham Gordon Alexander.

StayRunners is a Delaware LLC and an on-demand delivery and service platform aimed to solve consumers' quick demands in hyper-local markets, connecting local product and service providers with the public. Commencing in Vancouver, Canada, StayRunners now has a network of friends with fridges from coast to coast in Canada who have liquor for their personal consumption but have some extra that they can give away to a friend on the network in exchange for a fee for delivery.

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