Statum Systems Partners With TechSpring to Develop Unified Medical Communications and Collaboration Platform

The partnership will accelerate the development of StatumHEALTH(TM) for use by medical centers using Cerner electronic health records systems.


Statum Systems Inc. announced today it has partnered with TechSpring, Baystate Health's technology innovation center, to further develop its StatumHEALTHTM unified medical communications and collaboration platform and to integrate it into the Cerner EHR system. Cerner is a leading provider of electronic medical records systems to hospitals and medical centers.

Statum Systems is a Natick, Massachusetts-based digital health startup and developer of StatumHEALTH, a unified medical communications and collaboration platform designed to improve medical messaging, consultations and workflows by providing caregivers with a patient-centric collaboration platform with intelligent notifications, routing and alerts, and key integrations to EMR and other medical center systems. StatumHEALTH is the only solution that provides the reliability, reach and immediacy of pager messaging, without requiring caregivers to carry separate devices.

Baystate launched TechSpring seven years ago to accelerate innovation in healthcare informatics and technology in order to solve the challenges of healthcare. TechSpring provides technology companies access to a real, live health system using a proven process and platform to test and validate digital health solutions.

The innovation collaboration with TechSpring will enable Statum to bring its StatumHEALTH platform to market faster and with greater assurance of acceptance within the medical community. TechSpring will assist Statum in integrating its platform with the Cerner EHR system, as well as provide real-world pilot testing and feedback regarding StatumHEALTH features and functions in a clinical setting.

HIPAA compliant, StatumHEALTH streamlines collaboration workflows and increases caseload efficiency with fast access to medical systems (like an EHR) and the ability to quickly reach the right person at the right time -- by voice, text or video from a regular smartphone.

"Caregivers today are forced to toggle between pagers, smartphone apps, hospital systems and telephones to access EHR and collaborate with colleagues," said Dr. Arman Serebrakian, a Boston-based surgery resident and Statum co-founder. "Our platform was developed to make communications less fragmented, more reliable and less taxing on the physician and other caregivers -- all to improve patient care."

About Statum Systems

Founded in 2019, Statum Systems is the developer of StatumHEALTH™, an enterprise-class software-as-a-service platform for medical communications, collaboration and data analysis. StatumHEALTH is the only solution that provides the reliability, reach and immediacy of pager messaging without requiring caregivers to carry separate devices. Contact:; (813) 540-4258.

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About TechSpring, the Baystate Health Technology Innovation Center 
TechSpring is a technology innovation organization that, with a direct connection to Baystate Health, a large integrated health system, provides leading technology companies with access to real healthcare resources and a representative community to test, prove, and accelerate their innovative solutions. The TechSpring Insights program connects innovators directly to users and other sources critical to drive and validate product development and adoption and to go to market with a competitive advantage. Visit

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