Statum Systems Launches New Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine to Launch Unified Medical Communications Platform

New campaign launched to bring StatumHEALTH to market.

Fred Lizza, CEO, Statum Systems

Statum Systems Inc., a healthcare startup that has developed the StatumHEALTHtm unified medical communications and collaboration platform, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. After having been slowed down by the COVID pandemic, Statum is raising funds to complete testing and add sales and marketing resources to commercially launch StatumHEALTH. 

Statum previously conducted a successful crowdfunding raise on StartEngine, using those funds for product development. The company is now shifting its focus from product development to testing and commercial launch.

To learn more about investing in Statum, see the campaign page here.

The StatumHEALTH platform solves a fundamental problem plaguing healthcare delivery today: fragmented and unreliable communication among medical teams. Medical centers have implemented many single-purpose communications systems over the past several years. These systems don't integrate with each other, and many don't integrate with core hospital systems like electronic patient records, or lab and imaging systems. The result is that clinical team members must learn and juggle many different systems and devices, resulting in communication delays and errors, wasted time and money, and frustrated staff.

"It's time to fix the mess in medical communications," said Fred Lizza, CEO of Statum Systems. "Most every other industry has matured to where they have replaced their isolated single systems with integrated suites and platforms. It's time for healthcare to move to this next level."

A Single Solution for All Hospital Communications and Collaboration

StatumHEALTH allows all clinicians, administrators and hospital staff to collaborate and communicate from a single smartphone or web browser on a tablet or desktop computer. Many hospitals still rely on pagers for critical medical communications because pager signals reach places not well served by WiFi or cellular. StatumHEALTH optimizes cellular, WiFi and pager channels, combining the best of dedicated text messaging, voice communication and cloud-based systems into a HIPAA-compliant, fully encrypted and secure platform. 

StatumHEALTH offers an optional ID badge holder, called StatumCONNECTtm, that captures low-frequency pager signals and passes them to the smartphone-based collaboration interface, ensuring caregiver connectivity when WiFi or cellular service is not available without having to carry a separate pager. 

About Statum Systems

Headquartered in the Boston area and founded in 2019, Statum Systems is the developer of StatumHEALTH, an enterprise-class software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for medical communications, collaboration and data analysis. Another product, StatumCONNECT, captures pager-broadcast messages and seamlessly delivers them to the StatumHEALTH dialogue. To learn more, contact:

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