Stateside Associates Partners with BIPAC

Sharing Information Primary Goal of Joint Effort Between Stateside Associates and BIPAC

BIPAC, the powerhouse business network, has teamed up with Stateside Associates to provide reference materials to its nationwide network of more than 4,000 businesses and trade associations. Among the materials BIPAC is incorporating into its member portal are the 2012 Session Chart, the Governors, Partisan Splits, State Attorneys General and The Groups Schedule published by Stateside.

"The response from our membership has been really positive" said Bethany Dame, Vice President of Advocacy for BIPAC. "Partnering with Stateside puts useful 50-state reference materials in the hands of our members and improves their satisfaction along with our overall service delivery."

The data represented by these reference documents is compiled from every state and has proven to be a mainstay in the workflow of state government affairs professionals. Much of this information is available to friends and family of Stateside Associates, but a special effort was made to ensure its availability to BIPAC's network of business professionals.

"Because BIPAC's membership is so politically engaged, it makes perfect sense to share many of our best resources with their members," said Constance Campanella, President and CEO of Stateside Associates.

BIPAC, with affiliated operations in more than 40 states, is the fastest growing business grassroots network in the country. As both an independent and bipartisan organization, BIPAC works with businesses and trade associations to elect pro-prosperity candidates to elective office using its Prosperity Project. The Prosperity Project is a web-based issues network of more than 15 million through which BIPAC shares its nationally recognized political analysis and strategy.

Stateside Associates is the proven leader in state and local government relations. Since 1988, Stateside Associates has offered clients state, federal and local Issue Management, Legislative Monitoring, Regulatory Forecasting, Groups Program Management and Lobbyist Management, all of which are grounded in first-hand knowledge and based on serving clients' unique needs.

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