Statehouse Display Highlights Horticultural Therapy Week

Horticultural Therapy Week is on display at the NJ Statehouse, celebrating the benefits plants have on our life.

The New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association [NJNLA] provided plants and shrubs to create this gorgeous display in support of the American Horticultural Therapy Association’s celebration of Horticultural Therapy Week, and the NJ Senate’s passing of SJR12.  The display will run from Monday-Friday, March 16 - 20 at Goldfinch Square in the NJ Statehouse.

Assemblywoman Donna Simon has been a supporter of the resolution in the Assembly, and visited the display to help promote the benefits of people-plant interactions.

"Horticultural Therapy touches all ages and helps those who need it most, be it special needs individuals, seniors, those with Alzheimer's or others in need."

Donna Simon

NJ Assemblywoman

“Horticultural Therapy touches all ages and helps those who need it most, be it special needs individuals, seniors, those with Alzheimer’s or others in need,” said Simon. 

“Passing this resolution to celebrate the benefits of Horticultural Therapy is the catalyst needed to advance the outreach, and amplify the efforts of, the great therapists working in New Jersey.” 

Horticultural Therapy is more than just a theory; it is in practice in facilities around the state, with positive results. “I have personally attended and witnessed these program in action.  It was heart warming, the programs bring joy to so many.”

The NJNLA has supported efforts to advance HT in New Jersey, because it ties into their greater mission of supporting commercial horticulture and the benefits of plants.

“It’s all part of our effort to draw attention to the benefits of planting,” said NJNLA Director Dominick Mondi.  “In fact, it coincides with the launch of our Plant Something Campaign here in NJ.”

The message is: Plant something and live a better life!  "The Plant Something campaign is designed to resonate with people who might not be your typical gardeners," NJNLA Executive Director Dominick Mondi said. "We want to connect with non-gardeners and create long-term awareness of the benefits that plants will provide for them, their families and their communities."

These benefits include higher property values, increased health and well being, and improved environmental quality -- not to mention the fun and satisfaction that come from planting something and watching it grow. Many consumers, especially new homeowners, may not be aware of these benefits, but the NJNLA is hoping to change that via the Plant Something website.

For more information on Horticultural Therapy Week, contact Laura DePrado at (908) 872-8387 or email at  For more information on the Plant Something Campaign, contact Ann Willets at (908) 433-7821 or


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