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GuidedChoice Has Been Selected to Provide Asset Guidance to 650,000 Florida Retirement System (FRS) Members

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​​​GuidedChoice, a leading independent provider of retirement plan advice and account management solutions, today announced it has been named by the State Board of Administration of Florida (SBA) as the Florida Retirement System’s (FRS) Asset Guidance Provider, after careful evaluation by the SBA’s selection committee and approval by the SBA’s Executive Director. GuidedChoice will offer education and financial guidance to more than 650,000 FRS members effective April 2, 2018. This resource will provide members with the asset guidance necessary to optimize investments and improve their retirement readiness. It will be made available to both Pension Plan (defined benefit plan) and Investment Plan (defined contribution plan) members.

“GuidedChoice is honored to provide these critical services to FRS members,” said Sherrie Grabot, founder and CEO of GuidedChoice. “Government plans can be complex, with multiple plan rules, diverse employers and employee segments as well as ongoing legislative and regulatory changes. With our depth of experience, GuidedChoice is fully equipped to service FRS members in a way that truly meets their needs.”

Our platform is built for flexibility and customization, which is exactly what is required for these types of plans. With our extensive experience with other government entities and our multiple plan rules engine and organizational agility, we believe GuidedChoice is the best option for the FRS.

Sherrie Grabot, Founder and CEO of GuidedChoice

GuidedChoice is an independent entity, not affiliated with any financial institution, and does not receive any commissions or hidden incentives. Its independence ensures participants always receive objective advice, completely focused on their best interests.

Through this partnership, GuidedChoice will scalably provide each individual with personalized financial guidance using a rigorous methodology, architected by Dr. Harry Markowitz. This methodology favors risk over reward, which has been shown to be what the majority of consumers prefer.

GuidedChoice’s personalized advice creates a clear roadmap that projects each individual’s retirement outcome, enabling participants to make more informed decisions to meet their individual goals. By emphasizing the participant experience, GuidedChoice provides clarity, simplicity and an actionable flow through an easy-to-use user interface enabling the participant to quickly implement the guidance.

Founded with the mission to enable everyone to achieve financial freedom, GuidedChoice services multiple government entities, non-profits, small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

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About GuidedChoice

Established in 1999, GuidedChoice is an independent advisory firm solely focused on fiduciary digital retirement investment advice supporting advisors, plan sponsors and participants. GuidedChoice’s proprietary rules engine enables full customization to plan design and lineup, while its digital investment algorithms personalize each participant’s investments with no commissions nor conflicts of interest. For more information, please visit

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About GuidedChoice

GuidedChoice is an independent advisory firm solely focused on fiduciary digital retirement investment advice supporting advisors, plan sponsors and participants.

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