GuidedChoice and dailyVest Team Up to Provide Enhanced Retirement Reporting Platform for Greater Plan Success

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GuidedChoice, an independent digital investment advisory firm, and dailyVest, a fintech data and analytics provider, have partnered to upgrade the PlanAnalytics health monitoring dashboard at a time in the industry where outcome-oriented data is becoming increasingly important.

dailyVest’s PlanAnalytics dashboard will now utilize retirement readiness data from GuidedChoice - data which is crafted using their rigorous and proprietary investment methodology. This will provide plan sponsors, administrators, consultants and advisors with an optimized way to evaluate data, garner insights and pinpoint areas for improvement within each of their Defined Contribution (DC) plans.

For the first time ever, projected retirement income can now be viewed at both the plan and participant level - providing the ability to analyze retirement readiness by demographics such as age, salary, contribution rate, or geography. This helps plan sponsors and administrators achieve a more thorough picture of key successes and issues, identify participants that might be falling behind, provide data-driven advice and ultimately make better plan design decisions. Retirement readiness metrics can be tracked over time and be securely accessed by plan consultants and advisors.

“One of the biggest problems for plan sponsors and advisors has always been the inability to easily access and garner insights from participant data that would help them identify problem areas within retirement plans,” says Sherrie Grabot, Founder and CEO at GuidedChoice. “Now that we’ve made that easy for them, they can drill down to really see what is working, or not, and make educated decisions about how to improve the plan.  With big-data at our fingertips and a growing demand for outcome-oriented data, this partnership between dailyVest and GuidedChoice, comes at a pivotal time in our industry.”

“Retirement readiness is imperative for plan sponsors to utilize,” says Pete McNellis, Senior Vice President of dailyVest. "For plan sponsors and advisors, quantifying retirement readiness is becoming the critical measure to analyze -- and improve -- plan health. dailyVest knows how to leverage big data to drive important visualizations of key plan metrics, and is excited to bring to life GuidedChoice's rigorous retirement readiness data."

Defined contribution plans are becoming the primary way individuals expect to fund their retirement. As a result, outcome-oriented data is becoming even more important to plan sponsors as they are charged with understanding where participants stand relative to their individual retirement goals and then developing strategies to help improve that standing. 

“In order to have a valid projection for a defined contribution account, the projection must include the viability of the marketplace.  That’s accomplished through the simulated projection data that GuidedChoice provides.” says Grabot, “And providing the right information in the right format is the key.”

The platform and retirement readiness metrics will start rolling out to plan sponsors, administrators, consultants and advisors in July. For inquiries, please contact either GuidedChoice or dailyVest.

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dailyVest delivers software that recordkeepers, financial institutions, TPA’s, and financial service providers need to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change. We combine four elements – recordkeeping system data connections, actionable analytics based on key plan metrics, digital experience, and seamlessly integrated retirement readiness and managed account data from GuidedChoice – All within a cloud-based big data technology platform that enhances a provider’s ability to engage and empower their business users and plan participants. More than 20,000 plans use dailyVest to monitor plan health, and over 7 million participants and investors have access to its investment and personal rate of return content. For more information, visit

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GuidedChoice is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm and ERISA 3(38) fiduciary offering digital retirement scenario planning, 401(k) account management, and financial wellness tools since 1999. We have partnered with advisors, recordkeepers, and plan sponsors to help more than 2 million participants. GuidedChoice remains independent and privately held, solely focused on the best interests of the individual, with no conflicts of interest, no hidden incentives, nor any affiliation with any financial institution.  

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