"Star Power House Arrest Ankle Bracelet": A Clever, Eye-Catching, Fun and Fashionable Way of Emulating Idols

"Star Power House Arrest Ankle Bracelet" allows consumers the novel use of a house arrest bracelet for both fashion and a safety device.

​The Star Power House Arrest Ankle Bracelet is a faux house arrest ankle bracelet offering homage to celebrities in hip hop, and in the movies, who have served under house arrest.  The design intent is to provide young adults with a clever, eye-catching, fun and fashionable way of emulating their idols.  Featuring flashing LEDs for wear in clubs, and for the wearer’s visibility at night, this product also proves to be a valuable safety tool and will beep and vibrate should a nearby emergency vehicle’s signal be detected. 

The Star Power House Arrest Ankle Bracelet resembles various monitoring devices employed by law enforcement. It is a durable, plastic, adjustable strap that flanks a centrally positioned monitor. The monitor can be either square or rectangular with the name of the device printed on the front panel which also features a continuously flashing red light emitting diode (LED) to indicate the unit is active. A flashing white LED is included to represent camera flashes from the paparazzi. The flashing LEDs are fun and attractive when dancing and provide a safety tool when jogging, walking or riding a bike. A small speaker issues a beep alarm whenever the wearer wants to indicate violation of his/her zone. It also emits a beeping alarm along with a vibrating alert should the user need help from nearby emergency personnel. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Star Power House Arrest Ankle Bracelet. 
The Patent Pending Star Power House Arrest Ankle Bracelet was invented by Gary Abernathy of Anaheim, CA who said, “This is a perfect way for users to show solidarity with their favorite hip-hop and rap stars who have been sentenced to house arrest: such as T.I., Lauryrn Hill, Dr. Dre, and Lil Boosie.  There are other celebrity “prisoners” too—Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Riddick Bowe and Paris Hilton. The ankle bracelet is a creative reflection of a facet of celebrity culture and will appeal to people all over the world. It also serves as a safety item when running or walking during the nighttime.   It works perfectly and serves a dual purpose.”

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