Stackup Bottle, the Bottle With a Module Design and Customizable Sizing is Now Available on Kickstarter

Stackup Inc. introduced the shape-shifting and customizable container, Stackup Bottle, to Kickstarter on October 22.

Stackup Bottle is aiming to change how people use their beverage and food containers. The stackable compartments and various color options allow Blockbottle users to store different food items and liquids in a single, compact container. Users can also mix and match module colors to create a personalized color design.

Almost all tumblers on the market today have a static design which makes it hard to clean properly. This results in bacteria growth and unpleasant odors. Stackup Bottle counteracts this with its multi-compartment design which can be easily disassembled so that every inch of the bottle can be easily cleaned. Furthermore, Stackup Bottle's capacity sizing and compartmentalization are extremely convenient for packing single-portion meals. These elements along with Stackup Bottle's portability makes it perfect for students, office workers, and anyone else who takes food/drinks on the go.

“I had a tough time cleaning my tumblers and bottles for the longest time. After a few uses, they started to smell funky, and I ended up throwing them away. I designed Stackup Bottle so that people can preserve their bottles and also express their individuality with its different color options,” says Eun-Bi Jang, Founder & CEO of Stackup Inc.

Stackup Bottle’s key features include:

  • Module design: Comprises of compartments that can be taken apart and assembled together
  • Single-Portion Size: Perfect for those who want to take single-portion meals on the go
  • Color options: Can be used to create 2000 different color combinations
  • Made with Tritan: Nontoxic, eco-friendly material, which is traditionally used in baby bottles

Preorders for Stackup Bottle are now available for a limited time through Kickstarter with prices starting at $27. After the campaign, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery to be fulfilled by the end of March 2019. Any influencers or journalists interested in receiving a sample and reviewing Stackup Bottle are encouraged to submit an inquiry through Stackup Bottle's Kickstarter page.

Source: Altos Business Group


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