Staccato Launches New Website

The redesigned e-commerce site presents a highly visual and engaging experience

Staccato Website Homepage

Staccato 2011, LLC announced today the launch of its redesigned website to better meet the needs of Staccato's diverse range of customers.

Marine Corps veteran Nate Horvath, CEO said, "Today's relaunch serves as a testament of our company's dedication to innovation and continuous improvement. In 2020, we renamed our company to Staccato and today's website launch is another pivotal step in our rebranding efforts."

Through its approachable, modern look, the website allows visitors to better understand how Staccato 2011® handguns help shooters of all skill levels shoot better. Site visitors will enjoy browsing the six dedicated "Get Started" profile pages that help shooters understand why Staccato's 2011® platform - and which models - are best suited for their various backgrounds, preferences, and experience levels.

The new website offers a highly visual experience with a focus on product education, including a compare models page and insightful product descriptions throughout the site that highlight each handgun's rugged and reliable design, the 2011® platform's accurate shooting technology, and the company's unique balance of precision manufacturing and American craftsmanship. 

"It was also important that we feature stories from our growing family of Staccato owners," Kristin Marlow, Chief Marketing Officer said. "From the law enforcement officer who helps keep one of our country's largest cities safe to the father who owns a Staccato P as an extra line of defense for his home, we celebrate those who choose to protect and defend our American way of life."


About Staccato: Americans who protect loved ones, communities, our country, and our way of life choose Staccato. With American ingenuity and a drive to constantly improve, Staccato designs and precision manufactures products that are rugged, reliable, and insanely accurate. Built with FlaTec™, Staccato pistols are approved for duty by over 325 law enforcement agencies across the country, including elite teams such as the U.S. Marshals SOG, the Texas Rangers, and LAPD Metro. Staccato 2011® pistols are easy to shoot well, empowering shooters of all levels - from everyday citizens to those in the line of duty - to shoot their best. With a lifetime warranty, Staccato handguns are built in Georgetown, Texas with American steel and parts. Staccato celebrates freedom and is proud that over 25% of its team members are veterans and 100% are patriots.

Media Contact: Cecilya Moreno

Communications Manager, Staccato

Source: Staccato 2011, LLC