Staccato Announces Opening of Staccato Ranch

Creators of the Staccato 2011® pistol announce the opening of Staccato Ranch, one of the largest and most extensive private gun clubs in America, where Staccato’s family of owners and patriots are invited to celebrate freedom.

Staccato Ranch

Staccato, the creators of the Staccato 2011® pistol Built for Heroes, today announced that it will open Staccato Ranch to members on Saturday, May 11. Nestled on 770 acres of scenic Texas landscape, Staccato Ranch is home to Staccato headquarters, where its Staccato handguns and ammunition are made. But, Staccato is more than its handguns and its ammo. Staccato has created a family of patriots who love shooting, love challenging themselves, love America and are passionate about protecting American freedoms. Staccato Ranch is the place where Staccato unites this family to build courage, celebrate freedom, elevate heroes every day and produce that Staccato smile.

“When you purchase a Staccato pistol, you become a family member for life,” said Marine Corps veteran and Staccato CEO Nathan Horvath. “This family shares a love for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. And, they share a love for shooting Staccato handguns and ammunition. But, many have expressed they do not have a great place to shoot and connect with like-minded patriots. So, we decided to do something about it and give these American heroes a truly special place to gather — their own private club and ranch located on 770 acres of Texas hill country. At Staccato Ranch, the Staccato family of patriots can chase the American spirit alongside others who share their values.”

At Staccato Ranch, Staccato aims to break the boundaries of traditional shooting by designing experiences you’ll find almost nowhere else. Inspired by heroes in military and law enforcement special operations, Staccato Ranch will offer experiences where you can train like a special operator with special operators. Rather than just standing still and shooting paper targets, these challenges will train you to shoot on the move through dynamic environments at moving targets. So, you can build your courage and skillset to protect life and liberty. Go beyond the expected and challenge yourself to night shooting under the Texas stars with glow-in-the-dark clays. You’ve never seen a fireworks show like this. These experiences are designed to be fun and accessible to novice shooters while still challenging to the professional.

Beyond these uniquely designed attractions, Staccato Ranch activities and amenities will also include 17 private outdoor pistol bays, a 26-lane indoor range, three sporting clays courses, two five-stand clays courses, private and group lessons, and fishing. This extensive range of activities can be reserved by Staccato Ranch members so they can get their practice reps done in the privacy of their own private bay or in a group setting alongside other members of the Staccato family. And, of course, members can tour the Staccato manufacturing facilities and meet the team that is shaking up the industry. All these activities are set in a backdrop of gorgeous, sweeping acreage in Florence, Texas, just north of Austin.

When the shooting is done for the day, ranch members and guests can relax at the Clubhouse and Pro Shop to enjoy food and beverages while spending time with family, friends, and heroes in the Staccato family. Long term, Staccato Ranch is considering offering overnight facilities as well as other physical assets for members who want to stay for longer periods and maintain closeness to Staccato.

“Staccato is built for heroes and made in America because we have a deep belief in the American ideal,” said Army veteran and Staccato President Andrew Kletzing. “Staccato owners don’t just buy our Staccato pistols. They buy into this same belief. Now, Staccato Ranch members can tour the factory where our pistols and ammo are made. Then, they can feel Pure Staccato when they shoot Staccato Ranch challenges with their Staccato pistols and Staccato ammo, all while being surrounded by everyday heroes who protect and embody American freedoms.”

Members of Staccato 368, Staccato’s community of handgun owners, received early access to apply for Staccato Ranch membership. While application for membership at Staccato Ranch is now available broadly, 368 members will continue to receive priority in the application process. Staccato Ranch will accept applications until availability is full in order to ensure an exceptional member experience and availability of its activities for its members.

Staccato’s 2011 pistols have been approved by over 1,500 U.S. law enforcement agencies in just five years. Staccato also recently launched its ammo subscription service, offering great ammo at a fair price that is always available to those who subscribe. Staccato Match and Range ammunition are available by the case or box through the subscription service, and Staccato guarantees supply for the life of your subscription so long as you sign up while supplies last. Staccato Ranch is the next offering from Staccato, as the company continues to chase perfection in delivering the best brand experience in the industry to its family of Staccato owners.

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Source: Staccato