St. Patrick's Day Irish Whiskeys to Watch

Shots Box is now offering festive whiskeys for the celebration of Saint Patrick's Day

Shots Box, a bi-monthly whiskey subscription service, is promoting three Irish Whiskeys for those who wish to try something new for St. Patrick's Day. The Prizefighter, Slane Irish, and Teeling whiskeys can be game changers to any enthusiast's tastebuds. Irish whiskey is one of the oldest spirits in the world - in order to qualify as an "Irish Whiskey," the beverage has to be distilled and contain a blend of malted and unmalted barley in the pot still phase. 

"Saint Patrick's day is a time of cultural and religious celebration for millions of people across the world," said JC Stock, Chief Executive Officer of Shots Box. "Here in the U.S., our team is looking to promote some of the best-tasting whiskeys on the market in preparation for the holiday. We look forward to hearing the reviews from our customers and we are excited for the stories they will have to share." 

The Prizefighter Whiskey delivers a smooth and mellow experience that simultaneously packs a punch with no burning sensation whatsoever. This whiskey consists of a blend of 10-year-old malt and four-year-old grain finished in rye barrels for six months. The beverage is distilled and aged in Ireland and is finished in an American rye cask. The collaboration is reimagined in the whiskey's branding - a visual depiction of the 1853 epic boxing battle between John Morrissey and Yankee Sullivan, which took place in New York. This is meant to pay tribute to the tradition of Irish immigrants finding success as fighters and showmen in America. 

All bottles of Slane Irish Whiskey are matured in virgin oak casks, seasoned whiskey casks, and Oloroso sherry casks. The maturation processes in three different casks and the blending by a master-craftsman are what create the unique Slane Irish Whiskey taste. The initial spiciness is quickly followed by the sweetness of rich caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch flavors, all topped with a deep layer of dried fruit. This distinctive combination of flavors helped Slane Irish Whiskey notch the 2020 Bartenders Brand Award. 

Teeling Whiskey, based in Dublin, is one of the oldest whiskeys in Ireland. The manufacturers do not filter their whiskey prior to bottling and each bottle has an alcohol by volume percentage (ABV) of above 46%. 

"Each of these brands has poured countless hours crafting and perfecting their respective whiskey blends. We are proud to offer their products and are thrilled to be partnering with them for one of the best holidays of the year," said Stock. 

All three whiskey are available via Shots Box, the only subscription service that delivers an array of shot-sized craft distilled whiskeys curated by tastemakers to doorsteps across America. The Shots Box team loves bringing whiskey enthusiasts and alcohol enthusiasts together to try new flavors and new ideas. To learn more, please visit

About Shots Box

Shots Box is a bi-monthly subscription service that delivers an array of shot-sized craft distilled whiskeys curated by tastemakers to doorsteps across America. It is a new way to try spirits, discover favorites, and avoid paying top-shelf prices for full bottles of liquor that the consumer has not previously tasted. The service ships the subscriber 10 minis bi-monthly of the best whiskey samples. 

Tiffany Kayar

Source: Shots Box