Squirro Welcomes Hugging Face Chief Evangelist Onto Redefining AI Podcast

Hugging Face's Julien Simon talks about 'The Democratization of Machine Learning.' Listeners have the chance to build their own machine learning model in Squirro to publish on Hugging Face.

Squirro, the Augmented Intelligence solutions provider, named as Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines, has welcomed Julien Simon, Chief Evangelist at AI community Hugging Face, onto its Redefining AI podcast in a new episode, 'The Democratization of Machine Learning.' 

Redefining AI focuses on conversations that drive digital innovation and help people understand artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive search, insight engines, and the insights era. 

Julien joined host Lauren Hawker Zafer for the new episode, in which they discuss the efforts being made for more collaboration and openness in a field that is still exposed to increasing risks of unaccountability, monopoly, and power concentration.

"Hugging Face is taking on a very important and credible crusade that will have evident impact on the field long term, so we were delighted to welcome Julien onto Redefining AI," said Lauren Hawker Zafer, Head of Training and Education, Squirro. "It was a fascinating discussion, taking in the social responsibilities that come with attempting to democratize ML and the sociological consequences of the widespread use of, e.g., AI language models. Redefining AI is a place for people to learn more about AI and ML and Julien certainly delivered on that."

The Squirro Academy was launched in 2021 as a place for people to easily access knowledge and education about ML and AI. A host of content is available on artificial and augmented intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, data analytics, no-code AI, and insight engines.

Hugging Face is the AI community on a mission to democratize good machine learning through open source and open science. The company recently closed a $100 million Series C round, following which it is now valued at $2 billion.

"Accelerating the democratization of AI and ML is partly why we started the Squirro Academy, and it's a topic very close to our hearts," continued Lauren Hawker Zafer. "For ML to realize its vast potential, it's essential for it to be deployed by business users and for them to understand how ML can be used for different use cases. Redefining AI addresses these issues, and we always aim to give our listeners candid and unique insights as well as practical learnings to take away with them and help further the democratization of ML."

Redefining AI is available on:

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Any listeners interested in building their own machine learning model to publish on Hugging Face can do so on Squirro's No Code AI Model Creator Course.

Anyone interested in the Squirro models in Hugging Face can view them here.


 Further information about Squirro: https://squirro.com/


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