Spring 2018 Home and Garden Guide Now Posted on HomeGardenandHomestead.com

Home, Garden and Homestead has released its Spring 2018 online guide to what's new and trending for homes, gardens and homesteads.

Brugmansia 'Angel's Summer Dream'

Home, Garden and Homestead has released its Spring 2018 online guide to what’s new and trending for homes, gardens and homesteads. The content on HomeGardenandHomestead.com includes new flowering plants, new seed varieties, outdoor apparel, tools, natural pest control, new ideas for homesteads and ranches, and more.  

Featured in the Spring 2018 content on the Home, Garden and Homestead website are informational stories about home and garden topics, including “Four Great Flowering Plants to Grow in Containers,” “Top Five Fruit Trees for Backyard Growing” and “How to Control Fungus Gnats—Naturally.”   

“When the weather warms up in the spring, Americans begin to venture outside to experience the outdoors in our yards,” said Randall D. Schultz, content editor for Home, Garden and Homestead. “As the growing season approaches, our focus turns toward making our yards an extension of our homes. So the stories we post for springtime feature lots of gardening ideas and lots of ways to enjoy outdoor living. We want the Home, Garden and Homestead website to serve as an online destination that brings people closer to the lifestyle they want to live.”

For the spring season, the information posted at www.HomeGardenandHomestead.com includes new and best-selling home, garden and homestead products such as the CobraHead “mini” Weeder, Summit Year-Round Spray Oil, “Spring Surprise” waterproof shoes and boots from Sloggers, Gauntlet Gardening Gloves from Park Seed, digging augers from Power Planter, the Spear Head Spade, the Large Galvanized Watering Can from Lehman’s, the Solar Yard Gard electronic pest chaser from Bird-X, Mosquito Dunks from Summit Responsible Solutions, greenhouse kits from Gothic Arch Greenhouse, the Cozy Coop Flat Panel Heater from Cozy Products, and the Standard Deep Well Hand Pump from Bison Pumps.

Among the new and notable plants included in the Spring 2018 content on the Home, Garden and Homestead website are Brugmansia ‘Angel’s Summer Dream’ from Logee’s, Lapin’s Cherry Tree from Nature Hills Nursery, Park’s Legacy Hybrid Tomato from Park Seed, Atlas Hybrid Tomato from Burpee, Blue Belle Potato from Irish Eyes Garden Seeds, Gateway Hybrid Cucumber from Park Seed, the Landreth Vegetable Seed Collection from American Meadows, Lupine ‘Manhattan Lights’ from Wayside Gardens, ‘Forecast’ Zinnia from Burpee, Astrantia Sparkling Stars Pink from Wayside Gardens, ‘La Park’ Floribunda Rose from Jackson & Perkins, Sunset Magic Crape Myrtle from Nature Hills Nursery, Hibiscus ‘Pinot Noir’ from Logee’s, Dr. Jane Goodall Rose from Jackson & Perkins, and Top Gun Shrub Rose from Week’s Roses.  

Information in the Digital Age

HomeGardenandHomestead.com has been called “the guide to smart modern living” because the website’s content includes new and unique topics and ideas for homes and gardens of all types and sizes.

“In the digital age of the 21st century, millions of people use technology to help them experience a more natural, simpler way of life,” said Schultz. “The modern home is a place where a family can enjoy shopping online with high-speed web access—while at the same time enjoying organic herbs harvested from the growing container on the kitchen countertop. Our lifestyles are an interesting melding of the old and the new.”

Media professionals can use Home, Garden and Homestead as an online resource where they can download editorial content and royalty-free photos. Editors, writers, bloggers, producers and other media professionals can instantly download text and digital image files by clicking on the Media Room link at the top of the Home page and then selecting a story category from the left navigation list. The text and image content on www.HomeGardenandHomestead.com is royalty and copyright free, and it can be used and disseminated by any editor, writer, producer, blogger or communicator.

Consumers are also encouraged to visit the Home Garden and Homestead website. The Home, Garden and Homestead blog (http://homegardenandhomestead.com/blog/ keeps readers informed with new stories about home and garden topics. Plus, everyone is invited to “like” the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/homegardenandhomestead to receive daily posts and updates. There are also lots of great home and garden pins at www.pinterest.com/HGandH/.

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