Announces New Prop Bet: Will Kobe Bryant Return to the Lakers to Play Alongside LeBron James?, an online entertainment and Bitcoin sportsbook, announced that they are taking bets on whether Kobe Bryant will return to the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team so that he can play on the same side as LeBron James.

Kobe Bryant retired in 2016 but is still around Los Angeles basketball. There are players who have played in the league who are older than forty years old. Fans have speculated that Kobe may return due to the mediocre start that the Lakers have had in the early part of the season. has generated positive feedback among its users in the sportsbook community, due to its clean interface and ease of use as an online sportsbook. Their site has many offers referring to “real cash” matches that occur every day. Players on their site can choose from 6,500 live in-game betting options.

“We want our players to bet on more than just the games. Like it says on our site, ‘games are never off the board.’ So, someone who thinks Kobe’s coming back, or someone who thinks that Kobe would never return even to play with Bron, you can put some money on it. We’re always looking for ways to offer our players more chances to play,” said a spokesperson for

In addition to professional basketball, also offers action on football, soccer and many other sports. Casino games can also be played at their site.

For more information about, prop bets in basketball or other sports, or to make a press inquiry, contact (800) 566-1290.


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