BetNow Reports Record Numbers of Bettors on the NFL Draft

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BetNow, an online sportsbook, offered players the opportunity to bet on the NFL draft. This betting involved picking which teams would pick which players, among other forms of betting. BetNow reported record betting during the NFL draft. 

The NFL draft is a three-day event where more than 200 college football players are selected by NFL teams. To maintain social distancing throughout the entire draft process, a public event in Las Vegas was scrapped. Instead, the draft was conducted “virtually,” as the drafted players and team representatives filmed themselves in their respective homes. 

BetNow, online betting software has offered many different bets on the draft. They included betting on how many players would be drafted from teams in a given conference, whether more players would be drafted on offense, defense, singling out individual players for asking which round they would be drafted in, and so forth. 

“This isn’t how anyone wanted the NFL draft to go, but we couldn’t be happier with how it went for BetNow. With so little sports going on, players were very happy to be able to bet on this at our online sportsbook site. We’re always grateful for those who come to bet at our site, but we found it especially rewarding to see them do it during this time. BetNow always does well during the NFL draft, but we did even better in 2020,” said Jose Ramos, marketing manager of BetNow. 

BetNow offers college football betting, as well as betting on NFL, eSports, fighting, simulated games, and others. 

For more information about NFL draft betting, betting on football or to make a press inquiry, contact BetNow at today.

Source: BetNow

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