Sports Per Head Announces New Lines for the College Basketball Season

Sports Per Head, a pay per head online bookie software service, has created new betting lines. These lines are designed to be faster. These were built to be ready for the 2018-2019 NBA season.

Pay Per Head software (PPH) is made to allow bookies to run their own online sportsbook. Sports Per Head supplies the software, but bookies can handle their sportsbook as they see fit. The additions Sports Per Head has made for the NBA, College Basketball season allow players to bet in-game plays faster than before. These changes will allow players to bet during breaks in the action, during the game itself, and other times. The lines are created to keep up with the speed of the game more than in the past.

Players could always bet on the over and under, the halftime line as well as the quarter line through the PPH sportsbook. These improvements were made in an effort to make all of this faster. Beyond the NBA season, these faster in-game lines are incorporated into the NFL, NBA  playoffs as well. Players can bet on every quarter of the game. Instead of betting before the game, players can continue the betting process longer.

“We want our bookies to be able to offer their players as much as possible. Now, with faster in-game plays, bookies using our service will have an even greater leg up on the competition. For betting during every quarter of the basketball playoffs, Sports Per Head is committed to giving players another way to enjoy the action while watching the biggest games," said a spokesperson with Sports Per Head.

For more information about betting during the NBA and College Basketball season or information about pay per head sites, or to make a press inquiry, call (888) 684-9666

Source: Sports Per Head

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