"Spin Beam/Split Beam": A Means of Prominently and Attractively Lighting the Wheels of Vehicles From the Sides

Invents introduces the "Spin Beam/Split Beam" which lights up your ride whether in an auto, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, wheelchair, etc.

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary describes enhancement as increasing or improving in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness and, in the case of the Spin Beam/Split Beam, it also could mean visual safety.  The Spin Beam/Split Beam presents consumers with a means of prominently and attractively lighting the wheels of vehicles from the sides. Thus, the various users will consist of those with wheeled conveyances. The Spin Beam/Split Beam operates by solar-charged battery power and the bright spinning LED array of the beams render any equipped vehicle much more visible from the sides and enhances both the safety of the occupants and the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.
The Spin Beam/Split Beam is an aftermarket product that will benefit many different users from motorists to cyclists and even wheelchair users. In the case of the Spin Beam the product comes in a set of four lightweight tire rim ring covers and the Split Beam is nearly identical to the Spin Beam but the rim is cut in half with 2 joining blocks at each halves end and once installed beams light on both side of the tire. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Spin Beam/Split Beam.
The Patent Pending Spin Beam/Split Beam was invented by Daniel M. Brinton of Lake Forest, CA who said “The sunlight supplies the power during the daytime and the AA batteries receive charging. Whenever the outside illumination disappears, the rim lights are activated by a photocell “On/Off” control option. When illumination returns the lights de-energize. They look great when a wheel is stationary and when in motion they are awesome.”

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