Spiking Sells Out Public Token Sale and Successfully Concludes the Initial Token Offering

Mission Accomplished

Spiking, the world's first blockchain asset validation and AI driven crypto trading infrastructure, has successfully completed its Initial Token Offering.

The public token sale was sold in three phases, with the first phase sold out in three hours, and the final two phases sold out with more than a week to go. The public traction in sales mirrors the highly successful private sale round, which garnered more than USD$30 Million in sales from notable institutional and crypto-focused funds.

The entire token sale process has been an exciting yet humbling experience. We are especially thankful for the overwhelming support shown by the community toward our vision.

Dr. Clemen Chiang, CEO of Spiking

Spiking is a financial-technology trading app with a user base of more than 170 000, tracking stocks of reputable investors in the traditional markets. It is now building a solution to track trades of cryptocurrency “whales” or holders of substantial crypto assets.

“The entire token sale process has been an exciting yet humbling experience,” says Dr. Clemen Chiang, CEO of Spiking. “We are especially thankful to the overwhelming support shown by the community toward our vision.”

With the Initial Token Offering complete, Spiking is planning to release the highly anticipated version of its award-winning app that will track crypto assets, having made tremendous progress developing its solution in concurrence with the token sale.

The Spiking community can also look forward to the SPIKE Token exchange listing on Kryptono Exchange next month. This will be the first high volume exchange listing in the planned roadmap of 2019, which is packed with exciting product releases and partnerships.

“We have been in active development for many months now, and are proud to say that we are ahead of time in our technical roadmap, so stay tuned for the upcoming release,” says Dr. Chiang. “Spiking will also get listed on popular crypto exchanges to support the token liquidity, which is a critical part of the ecosystem.” 

The Spiking Initial Token Offering is ranked amongst the world's top 3.3 percent of ICOs. It is rated 4.4 on ICObench and 4.8 on ICOholder respectively, out of a maximum score of 5. Both are leading ICO rating websites. Spiking is also backed by Quest Ventures, CRC Capital, Mars Blockchain, Jove Capital, and Fundamental Labs. 

More information on the ITO can be found at https://spiking.io.

About Spiking 

Launched in April 2016, Spiking is Singapore’s first financial-technology trading app dedicated to helping the average trader follow the reputable investors as they buy and sell shares on the stock market. Since its conception, Spiking has expanded in countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, and United States of America. 

The Spiking blockchain platform allows traders to find Whales (i.e. key executives of large companies behind cryptocurrency tokens, mining pools and/or large holders) and follow their cryptocurrency trades[1]. Powered by state-of-the-art tools where followers meet Whales in a completely transparent environment, it will be built on a modern technology stack with fully audited security standards. The Spiking platform intends to do this by using smart contracts on the blockchain, allowing users to mirror the trading activity of any Whale and control their own segregated trading accounts directly. 

[1] Subject to relevant laws, regulations and licenses, where necessary.

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