Spice Up a Bachelorette Party With Some Proper San Diego Sightseeing


When it comes to San Diego sightseeing, more than a few locales pop into mind. With the famous zoo, numerous amusement parks, and trendy historic districts dotting the landscape, it might be difficult to make a decision. With Funcat Sailing, the bridal party can leave all that stress behind and plan their bachelorette adventure aboard one of Fun Cat's amazing catamaran boats. Providing expert touring services for whale watching in San Diego, Fun Cat also provides the ideal spot for bachelorette parties seeking that extra flair for their big celebration.

It’s no secret there exists a certain allure when it comes to spending a day on the water. Bright sunlight, sandy beaches, cool waves; everything comes together when experiencing the beautiful San Diego bay area. With a seasoned captain supported by nearly 30 years of charter sailing, Fun Cat knows this area better than most. Here’s what Fun Cat can guarantee when it comes to planning a bachelorette cruise!

1. Professional Service: With a captain boasting thirty years of experience, there isn’t a contingency Fun Cat hasn’t faced. When organizing a bachelorette party, guests will enjoy knowledgeable area advice and planning assistance from Fun Cat’s team. The captain will handle any issues or setbacks regarding the boat with professionalism and skill.

2. Bay Area Hotspots: There’s a reason Fun Cat is considered among the best sailing tours in San Diego. 30 years of experience translates into three decades of perfecting knowledge of the bay’s best spots. Bachelorette Party guests will be able to enjoy the festivities while catching glimpses of amazing sights from the water.

3. Party Planning: Fun Cat Sailing isn’t afraid of lending any assistance in preparing for a bachelorette party. Skillful help is available from the captain regarding weather updates, room expectations, and even setting up decorations. Guests will have two catamaran boats from which to choose, with different sizes and perks for each.

Anyone not totally interested in seeing the city from the water can plan a bachelorette party for an evening cruise. Add to the party by making an ordinary boat ride a sunset boat cruise in San Diego. Charter guests will have options when throwing their bachelorette party with Fun Cat Sailing, and the captain’s knowledge, flexibility, and skill will guarantee an unparalleled private boat tour in San Diego. Check out Fun Cat's website today to receive rates, schedules, and further information about their bachelorette party services!

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