Fun Cat Sailing Promises True San Diego Sightseeing

San Diego Sightseeing

Some of the best San Diego sightseeing happens from the water. It’s a years-old mantra wholly believed by the captain and crew of Fun Cat Sailing, one of San Diego’s most premier boating adventure services. While experiencing the city up close and personal has its benefits too, the only easy (and affordable) way to truly capture the scope of San Diego, is to see it from the outside, while bobbing gently on the blue Pacific waters. The value of a sightseeing adventure is only as meaningful as the places seen, which is why the captain of Fun Cat’s sailing catamaran boats wants to share some insight into some of the possible phenomena guests can experience while out on the water.

Right from the start, guests will be surrounded by places that all contribute to the city’s culture. Shelter Island, Mission Bay, the USS Midway Museum, SeaWorld Park, and the coastal resort city of Coronado, with sugary beaches and waterfront golf courses. As one of the best San Diego boat tours, guests will be treated to an experience catered towards each charter group. Though public charters are available, the crew of Fun Cat recommends securing a small group of close friends for a private event. Once out past the barriers and coastal regions, the peaceful water is much better enjoyed if shared with those you know well.

In addition to some of the area’s well-known attractions, guests will also see abundant ocean life, including friendly, playful sea lions and seasonal whale watching, too. All of their San Diego cruises---whale watching, sunset, adventure, sightseeing---are age appropriate for all children and both boats, the Tigress and Wind Drum, come with safety precautions. The former is the larger of both options--better for bigger groups--and the latter is more sporty, but her carbon fiber sails make her one of the fastest charter boats in the country.

Fun Cat Sailing welcomes all guests too, from those enjoying a San Diego vacation to residents who just wish to see a different perspective of the city. Combine sunshine, fun, relaxation, and quality sightseeing, and potential guests will get an idea of what’s to be expected. The captain will provide snacks, drinks, knowledge, and weather updates, if necessary. Anyone planning a trip to the city should check out their website today, and secure a boat rental. San Diego has tons to offer; experience it all from the sunny decks of a catamaran boat.

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