Spekit Announces Investment From Operator Collective, Welcoming Second Former Salesforce Executive, Leyla Seka, as Board Observer

Expansion of Spekit's board underscores company momentum and market need for in-app learning that helps employees learn while they work by accessing enablement and resources in real time, in any application

Spekit | In-app digital enablement and learning platform

​​​​​​​​Spekit, the leading in-app digital enablement and learning platform, announced today the addition of Operator Collective as an investor, led by Leyla Seka, who joined as a board observer to support the company’s mission of simplifying and accelerating employee learning and productivity in the digital workplace.

After being recognized in the marketplace as the easiest to use and easiest to set up digital adoption platform, Spekit offered the platform completely free for up to 10 users. This fueled growth across organizations of all sizes seeking to help employees both learn their tools and be more effective at their jobs.

Operator Collective, founded by Mallun Yen, is a Silicon Valley Venture fund bringing together limited partners from hundreds of technology’s most sought-after operators, investors and founders from diverse backgrounds to invest in and accelerate the next generation of B2B technology. As Spekit’s market position expands as a result of the growing need for remote learning, Seka and Yen recognized alignment behind Spekit’s product mission and 100% female-founded team, led by Melanie Fellay and Zari Zahra.

Seka, the second former Salesforce executive to back Spekit, brings decades of product-building experience along with 10 years spent scaling the Salesforce AppExchange, the largest B2B marketplace with more than 5,000 applications and six million installs. She is admired for her dedication to diversity and inclusion, inspiring Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff to institute equal pay. Seka joins Spekit board member and advisor Brett Queener, a partner at Bonfire Ventures, who also spent more than a decade as a Salesforce executive in a variety of senior leadership roles across sales, R&D and operations.

“After spending a decade running the Salesforce AppExchange, I’ve seen every type of Enterprise B2B company come through and developed a solid understanding of what it takes for a company to be successful in the Salesforce ecosystem and beyond,” said Seka. “After seeing Spekit, I immediately knew this was going to be a must-have and one that would make it to the top.”    

While the full economic impact of COVID-19 remains unclear, the need for learning that happens where work happens, directly within an employee’s workflow, has only accelerated. The shift to remote work has uncovered gaps in enablement and training processes, forcing teams to rapidly adjust how they communicate changes, train employees and drive tool adoption. In this context, the code-free Spekit platform has been recognized by Salesforce for filling these gaps for businesses everywhere adapting to change

“We can no longer rely on classroom-style training or tapping a coworker on the shoulder to learn or get questions answered. Thus, while our mission at Spekit was pertinent before, it has become absolutely essential now,” said Melanie Fellay, CEO and co-founder of Spekit. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring on this strategic partnership to help drive our vision of eliminating the friction between knowledge and learning in the workplace as companies continue to invest in digital transformation.” 

“Here we have a female fund of brilliant Operators, investing in female founders who are former Operators,” said Zari Zahra, Head of Product and Technology and co-founder of Spekit. “This synergy represents everything we believe as a business, opening up an incredible opportunity for Spekit to grow with women who believe in our product and in shaping the future of female investing.”

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