Spectrm Releases 'State of B2C Conversational Marketing' Report

Findings highlight insights from over 400 marketers across the globe.

State of B2C Conversational Marketing 2022

Spectrm, the conversational marketing platform businesses use to automate one-to-one conversations with consumers on messaging channels, released today the findings from its State of B2C Conversational Marketing report.

The report surveyed 400 B2C marketers across the globe about their experiences and approaches to better understand how marketing teams in general are using conversational marketing. The report dives into how B2C marketers are finding success, improving metrics, the particular channels they're finding more effective, and more.

Commenting on the findings, Max Koziolek, CEO of Spectrm, said: "For today's marketers, the challenges are many: declining channels, increased data regulations, changing customer preferences, and more. But the opportunity to overcome those challenges is out there, too. Our findings show marketers are seeing success with conversational marketing in general as well as engaging with customers on messaging platforms like InstagramWhatsApp, and Messenger."

Key findings include:

  • 72% find their conversational marketing effective. 
  • Top contributors to conversational marketing include engaging with customers via messaging, using AI to automate customer conversations, using data collected to personalize customer interactions, and driving paid traffic to conversations.
  • 59% say their existing marketing tactics are less effective because of privacy regulations. 
  • 41% said collecting zero-party data has never been more important.
  • Social media marketing is the channel they're seeing decline the most as it's becoming more difficult to get users' attention and stand out amongst the high volume of posts.
  • The top challenge to marketers today is acquiring new customers.
  • Priorities for 2022 include creating more humanlike interactions in their conversational marketing channels, driving paid traffic to their conversations, and improving connections to their tech stack.
  • Instagram Messaging is the most effective channel. 

How people engage with and buy from brands has evolved, and Spectrm is leading this evolution. The company has powered 32.7 million one-to-one brand interactions in 2021, connecting 7.1 million new customers with brands via these one-on-one conversations. 

To download a full copy of the report, please visit: https://spectrm.io/resources/state-of-b2c-conversational-marketing

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