NopSec Announces Improvements to Its Risk Score Intelligence

Industry-leading Risk-Based Vulnerability Management software company NopSec announced new, improved machine-learning algorithms to its risk scoring functionality. Dedicated to continuous improvement, NopSec's new risk scoring system updates will deliver more accurate threat data than ever before.

With more vulnerabilities being discovered each day, Vulnerability Management teams struggle to cut through the noise. They're often left spending hours discerning between vulnerabilities that have highly weaponized exploit kits and those that don't. Risk scoring and prioritization tools help SecOps teams identify the vulnerabilities most at-risk for the company — but these too need to innovate as cyberattackers grow more sophisticated. 

"One of the more frustrating things anyone dealing with data has to manage is false positives," says Adrienne Juett, Data Scientist at NopSec. "Our new risk scoring algorithm cuts down on these false positives using supervised machine learning."

NopSec, a world leader in cyber exposure management, uses patented machine learning algorithms to precisely calculate the risk of vulnerability exploitation. This enables Vulnerability Management teams to go beyond standard scanner and CVSS scores to identify and rank the criticality of their vulnerabilities. This new feature update will further help clients to eliminate security vulnerability overload. 

About NopSec

NopSec's flagship product, Unified VRM, enables cybersecurity teams to better, and more effectively, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities, reduce risks, and validate cybersecurity controls. Unified VRM is a cloud-based SaaS platform powered by the world's most advanced attack simulation capabilities and machine learning analytics. The platform provides global visibility of infrastructure risk levels, enabling vulnerability management teams to prioritize and remediate their most imminent cyber threats.

NopSec has been recognized as the Leader in Vulnerability Risk Management by Forrester, a Gartner's Eye on Innovation company, and a Gold winner in Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) and Security Analytics in 2022 by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. NopSec is based in New York, NY. 

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Source: NopSec