Spectrm Breaks Into New Era of Privacy-First Marketing With Recurring Notifications on Messenger

Spectrm, the conversational marketing platform businesses use to automate one-to-one conversations with consumers on messaging channels, today announced a beta offering with Meta to launch Recurring Notifications on Messenger.

Recurring Notifications allow brands to send notifications to opted-in users and gives people full control over the topics, services, and frequency of personalized alerts they receive. It offers businesses a new way to reach customers directly at scale to overcome the impact of decreasing email marketing and digital advertising performance.

"Brands are feeling the impact of iOS14, Apple Mail Privacy Protection and cookie deprecation on their digital performance. They're looking for ways to engage prospects and prepare for the post third party cookie world," said Max Koziolek, CEO of Spectrm. "We are excited to help brands to better engage with buyers through highly personalized notifications for opted-in users, helping them feel safe rather than spammed. This is the new era of privacy-first marketing in a post-cookie world."

Recurring Notifications establishes Messenger as a new direct channel for brands to build long term relationships with their customers. They can now scale privacy-safe marketing channels with Spectrm, reaching over two billion people to build one-to-one relationships with their customers and to turn them into frequent buyers with free, highly personalized notifications.

The new feature enables a wide range of marketing use cases. Brands can send regular updates about promotions, product alerts, personalized private coupons, content digests, info about upcoming events and more. The result is a highly personalized notifications experience for customers that engages them privately in high intent moments. 

Key Benefits of Recurring Notifications: 

  • Compliant & Customer-Centric: People only receive notifications on topics they opted-in and have full control of their experience e.g. frequency & stopping notifications.
  • Personalized: People provide their preferences on the topics, events, and offers they are interested in, to receive one to one notifications.

For further information read this in-depth article on Meta's Recurring Notifications

About Spectrm

Spectrm is the no-code conversational marketing automation platform for brands to convert customers on search, social and display. Spectrm chatbot analytics, marketing automation solutions and conversational AI make it easy to personalize customer experiences at scale.

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