Special Ops Survivors Will Raise Critical Funding Through New Partnership With BlackFish5 Health & Wellness Products

BlackFish5 products are now available through the Special Ops Survivors shopping portal.

Special Ops Survivors has entered into a cause marketing partnership with BlackFish5, a company focused on health and wellness products. Those purchasing BlackFish5 products through the Special Ops Survivors shopping portal will see 20 percent of those sales donated back to Special Ops Survivors to help support programs and other initiatives of the organization. Through the Special Ops Survivors shopping portal, customers can also access free shipping they can't get anywhere else and have access to limited edition trial size items, which are currently only sold on major league fishing sites.

The company's products were recently officially authorized by all five branches of the military – Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines. The owners of Blackfish5 have always been patriots and supporters of the military community, which is what makes the new partnership with Special Ops Survivors such a good fit.

When we considered working with Special Ops Survivors it became more than a passion. We realized that health and wellness was critical to all who worked so hard every day in the service of our country.

D. William Pettigrew, Managing Partner of BlackFish5

"When we considered working with Special Ops Survivors it became more than a passion. We realized that health and wellness was critical to all who worked so hard every day in the service of our country," says D. William Pettigrew, managing partner of BlackFish5. "Our dedication to Special Ops Survivors is vitally important to our company mission and values. We feel that it is an honor to be considered for and endorsed by the great men and women serving the country. We proudly contribute without hesitation to this great organization as giving back is more important than receiving."

With so many health and wellness products in the marketplace, BlackFish5 knew they had to stand out, especially to receive recognition for their products by the United States Military.

"Our brands are unique in the fact that we use only clinically tested and approved ingredients," adds John V. Porter, managing partner and vice president of sales. "This validation along with our scientists and medical support team constructed compositions with perfect calibration to specifically address three needed groups in wellness – joint health, energy and focus for optimum athletic activities, and recovery powder designed to infuse the bloodstream and support rapid muscle development."

The money raised through this partnership will directly impact Special Ops Survivors, which was formed in 2002 by an active duty Navy Seal. Special Ops Survivors is exclusively dedicated to serving survivors of active duty Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Special Operations personnel who have died in combat or training or service illness or injury even after retirement. The organization embraces and empowers survivors to build healthy, post-loss futures as they transition to their new lives by providing individual, group, and peer-to-peer emotional support as well as individual financial support.

"Our board of directors, staff, and survivors are incredibly thankful for this partnership with BlackFish5 and their ongoing support of our organization," says Sara Wingerath-Schlanger, executive director of Special Ops Survivors. "We rely on donors and corporate partnerships like this to help us raise critical funding to support the survivors of our country's Special Operations heroes, who are engaging in military missions around the globe, often out of the public eye."

Special Ops Survivors understands the healing power of not weathering a tragedy alone. While the organization cannot bring back a survivor's hero, the organization's programs help survivors ease the transition to a new life – a life that honors the legacy of their loved one. This is accomplished by providing access to a community of other survivors who have gone through, survived, and overcome similar obstacles.

For more information and to start shopping for BlackFish5 products, visit the Special Ops Survivors shopping portal.


Special Ops Survivors' mission is to embrace and empower surviving spouses of fallen Special Operations personnel to build healthy post-loss futures as they transition to their new lives. Over the last 15 years, the organization has grown from a small grass-roots organization to an established organization actively serving more than 230 surviving spouses from all military service branches. For more information about the organization, visit Special Ops Survivors.

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Source: Special Ops Survivors | BlackFish5