Special Education Apps Hit iOS and Android Stores

Rangam just launched a pair of interconnected mobile applications that make assessment, training, data collection and sharing much easier for teachers, therapists and parents. These platform-based apps promote a collaborative working environment to ensure consistent delivery of life skills development support to individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs.

ColorsKit One and ColorsKit Clipboard are designed to help individuals with special needs from pre-academics through adulthood develop a range of life skills. These applications also enable primary caregivers to fully utilize technology-based education and training both at home and in the classroom.

Available on the App Store on iTunes and Google Play store, ColorsKit One – formerly known as Life Skills School Kit – consists primarily of assessment, training and data capture modules. Teachers can use the app to assess, set custom learning goals, create step-by-step task analysis programs with pictures and videos, and share progress-related data with parents. For parents with concerns about the future of their children, the app serves as a supplemental tool which, when used in conjunction with regular therapies and professional guidance, offers an evidence-based solution they can try at home to proactively address cognitive or developmental deficits their children may have.

ColorsKit Clipboard is designed to record and track behavior- and performance-related data. Available on the App Store on iTunes and Google Play store (with a ColorsKit One subscription), the app is a digitized data sheet that measures the effectiveness of interventions while churning out reports in a graphical format. With many school districts having oversized classrooms, ColorsKit Clipboard provides group data sheet options to accommodate multiple students per session, thereby optimizing the bandwidth of services.

“In today’s world, it is vital that kids learn how to behave in a group before they pursue academic excellence,” said Nish Parikh, Rangam founder and ColorsKit creator. “While the global special education system is rapidly evolving, it is not yet fully ready to nurture life skills and social skills – the two most challenging aspects of daily living for individuals with autism. ColorsKit One, together with ColorsKit Clipboard, is going to change the way those skills are taught. Our goal is to prepare differently abled students for transitioning into regular classrooms where they can learn academics and perform at par with their mainstream peers.”

ColorsKit – Rangam’s flagship special education platform that Nish founded over a decade ago – offers a number of mobile apps for practicing basic academics, life skills and vocational skills.

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