SparkMaker Introduces the Most Affordable Desktop SLA 3D Printer


Simple, affordable, 3D Printing is now available to anyone thanks to SparkMaker. The company has announced the release of their one-button desktop 3D Printer that brings the quality of SLA printing to the masses. Now anyone with a computer and a spark of creativity can unlock the magic of 3D printing.

Although 3D Printing has been popular for several years, the hardware has been expensive preventing many from exploring the endless creative possibilities it allows. Adding to that, complicated design software and 3D modeling experience were a prerequisite to working in 3D. SparkMaker changes everything, with one-button print simplicity, easy load multicolor resins and print-ready downloadable designs. They have created a system so simple and effective that anyone can begin 3D printing in only a few moments. It's as easy as downloading a free design to an SD card, inserting it into SparkMaker and pressing the button.

After putting together a team of experts, Martin and team used their experience and know-how in the 3D Printing industry to create a product that was simple, effective and affordable enough for home or office use. In fact, SparkMaker is putting the power of 3D Printing into the hands of their users for less than $100 dollars, a remarkable feat considering the technology and superior printing quality of the device.

In spite of the low price, the SparkMaker is not short on quality; in fact, it is the first affordable desktop printer to use the advanced SLA printing method. SLA is a method of selectively applying a laser to photo reactive liquid resin on a work area, forming very thin solid layers that stack up to create one solid 3D object.

SLA is superior to the typical FDM printing method. SLA creates smoothly curving, natural contours that result in incredibly precise finished 3D models that have a greater resolution and better accuracy than the FDM method. SLA is preferred by advanced modelers and artists, and it's perfect for any task from arts and crafts to prototyping and small production runs.

To begin pre-sales and offer special incentives to early adopters, SparkMaker is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with early adopter pricing as low as $ 99 USD. Learn more here:

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Martin Cao / Founder

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