SparkCharge Revolutionizes EV Charging on ABC's Shark Tank With a New Portable Charger and Consumer App

Electric Vehicle Startup SparkCharge launches a new charger and charging service, and announces their appearance on ABC's Shark Tank.

It’s not often a company gets featured on Shark Tank, releases new hardware, and launches an industry-changing app, all in the same week. SparkCharge is set to release a new portable charger called the Roadie, an on-demand mobile charging app called BoostEV, as well as pitching on the season premiere episode of ABC’s Shark Tank.

“We are incredibly happy to get the opportunity to be on Shark Tank, and to be on the season premiere! That’s just icing on the cake,” CEO Joshua Aviv said. “Being on the show is a dream come true, getting tangible advice from the Sharks was priceless.”

SparkCharge will appear on the season 12 premiere of ABC’s Shark Tank, October 16 at 8:00 PM Eastern.

Founded in 2017 by Aviv teamed with co-founders Christopher Ellis, and Richard Whitney, to create a powerful, ultrafast, portable EV charger to help remove the barriers of EV adoption. This goal was created after Aviv got tired of running out of charge with his EV and did not see a solution on the market. SparkCharge has grown to create not just portable chargers but also the platform to connect EV drivers with the companies capable of delivering an EV charge on-demand in any location.

Ellis, CTO of SparkCharge and co-presenter on Shark Tank, stated, “Our appearance on Shark Tank is not just great for our company, its also great for the EV movement. Seeing a product and service strictly for EV drivers and EV service providers on television right alongside other great products helps EVs move that much closer to the mainstream.”

The Roadie is the newly designed portable, modular charging system. “The best way to improve a product is to listen and watch your customers. We learned a lot from studying how people used our version 1 chargers in the field,” shared Aviv. “A prime example of that learning was that our charging systems were constantly on the move, getting taken in and out of cars and trucks day after day. We have redesigned the ROADIE to be more rugged, making it incredibly durable while reducing the form factor to take up less room.”

When asked about the technology contained in the Roadie, Chief Engineer, Richard Whitney stated, “Our technology is true disruption, it’s not just an iterative improvement, it is brand new thinking. Lots of people have tried and failed to accomplish what we’ve been able to do, and I am excited to finally produce it.

”Another thing we learned from customers is that they needed more flexible payment options, and so we developed a very unique pricing model that allows companies to expand their businesses without huge upfront costs.”

“BoostEV was created with EV owners in mind, the app connects EV drivers with mobile charge providers, so consumers can experience the convenience and power of the Roadie anytime, anywhere. EV owners can order range delivered to their EV while they are home, at the office, or while shopping,” stated JR Rapoza, VP of Marketing at SparkCharge.​

Aviv continued, “Releasing new product, a game-changing app, and being on Shark Tank all in the same month, seems kind of unreal, and we couldn’t be happier. Our team has worked incredibly hard to make this all possible, and we cannot wait to continue changing the world.”

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