Huge Demand Drives Huge Growth at Currently (Formerly ChargeUp)

The EV charging service Currently has doubled capacity to meet the huge demand for mobile EV charging.

Currently Mobile Charging

Just four months since its launch, the electric vehicle charging service Currently (formerly ChargeUp) has met incredible demand. In fact, the response was so big that the mobile EV charging provider had to immediately expand its hours and coverage just to ensure customers received the service they demanded.

"Changing our name to Currently better reflects our mission and vision as a company. Our goal has always been to positively impact our communities and give EV owners the freedom to charge on their own terms," shared Josh Aviv, Founder, and CEO of SparkCharge. "We don't just let our customers skip the line, we eliminate the line completely. Plus, we hire great people at a great wage and help improve communities economically and environmentally. Currently is now, Currently is active, and Currently is focused on making EV ownership easy."

With an eye toward meeting this rapidly growing demand, Currently has doubled the company's charging capacity, allowing more EV's to receive charging deliveries where and when they want them. This change also makes EV ownership possible for more people living in condos, apartments, and multi-family homes, where access to home charging is very limited.

"When we launched the app, we knew it would be a popular service. However, none of us anticipated such high demand so quickly. Over 50,000 miles have been delivered by Currently, and we are projected to deliver more than 100,000 miles by the end of the year," shared Aviv.

Aviv continued, "Our customers are just incredible. In just four months they've saved over 2 million grams of CO2 pollution, and that number can only get bigger. The Currently service eliminates the 'How/where can I charge an EV if I get one?' which is the biggest hurdle for EV adoption. Now it's a tap of an app, at a cost that is lower than home charging. The more people that learn how easy and affordable mobile charging is, the more EVs will get on the road and the more pollution will be eliminated."

Currently is available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Dallas. Plans to expand into three to five more cities in early 2022 are already in the works. "In the Currently app, people who don't live in a city we serve can request that we open a location near them. It's been really eye-opening to see such great information, and it is influencing where we expand to."

"My favorite part of bringing Currently to market has been tagging along with our delivery technicians to actually charge vehicles. A lot of customers come out to tell me how great the team is, and offer feedback on their experience with the app," stated Matt Couillard, Customer Success Manager at Currently. "Our customers are great people, and I couldn't be happier to expand our capacity to serve even more."

Aviv continued, "We launched in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Dallas simultaneously. This allowed us to learn quickly at each location and share what we were learning with each other to build great customer experiences. In fact, there are things we are learning right now that are informing the design of our future lineup of products."

The Currently app is available on the Apple and Google Play app stores. Its parent company SparkCharge not only offers the service but also sells the mobile charging system, The Roadie to other businesses in the automotive, roadside assistance, on-demand, and utility businesses.

About Currently:
Currently is the first mobile charging service operating in the U.S. Currently subscribers choose the time, location, and amount of charge they would like to receive, and a Currently Delivery Technician delivers the charge via mobile charger. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Dallas are now being served by Currently with plans to expand into other cities in early 2022. To learn more go to:

About SparkCharge:
SparkCharge was founded with the goal of building and growing the world's largest mobile electric vehicle charging network. This network is now a reality due to three key factors: hardware, software, and brilliant customers. The Roadie Charging System is a portable, powerful, modular charging solution that makes DC fast charging possible anywhere regardless of infrastructure. The app and EV power delivery service Currently, allows EV drivers to have their EV charged wherever and whenever they want for just $25 per month. SparkCharge is grateful for its eco-minded customers who continuously give feedback and help the company get better with every charge delivered. To learn more about SparkCharge go to:

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