SP Home Run Inc. Shows Entrepreneurs How to Start a Computer Repair Business from Home

Home-Based Computer Repair Business Can Be Excellent Transition from Hobby to Viable Company

LAKE WORTH, FL- Computers are everywhere today: homes, businesses, and schools. And that means those systems will have issues that a computer professional will need to solve. Entrepreneurs who have been installing and troubleshooting computers as a hobby may be apprehensive about the jump into starting an actual business. SP Home Run Inc. advises that starting a computer repair business from home can be an excellent way to transition from hobby to viable and successful business.

To start a computer repair business from home, SP Home Run Inc. recommends taking the following steps:

* Begin with Friends and Family to Establish a Network of Clients - These are the people who know and trust the entrepreneurs the most and should be a relatively easy sale.

* Dedicate a Space in the Home Just for Business - The space needs to be large enough for computer repairs as well as the management and administrative aspects of the business. As most home-based computer repair businesses provide complimentary pick-up and delivery services, it is not necessary or advisable to have space for customers to visit the home office.

* Set Aside Time Each Week for Administration and Bookkeeping - It is imperative to stay organized and the workspace needs to be well thought out. Even a small office typically needs a large file cabinet with some hanging files to keep paperwork for clients in one place. Administrative details shouldn't be allowed to pile up, but rather should be tackled promptly before getting out of control.

"Starting a home-based computer repair business can be easy and relatively low-cost," said Joshua Feinberg, Business Development Director of SP Home Run Inc. "However, there are definite steps that need to be taken in order to be successful. Another rule of thumb on how to start a computer repair business from home: Find out whether your local government or homeowners association has any rules regarding low-traffic or no-traffic home-based businesses."

Those looking to learn how to start a PC repair business should also download the free special report: How to Start a Computer Consulting Business and Build Your Initial Client Base from http://www.sphomerun.com/how-to-start-a-computer-consulting-business (see below)


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