South Korean Premium Chair Brand Duorest Will Be Launching Duorest On, Their Newest Line of Posture Correction Cushions, on Kickstarter

Duorest On is a seat cushion that utilizes sensors and machine-learning systems to help its users correct their posture for life.

With more people transitioning to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, proper home office equipment has never been more necessary. In order to help people relieve their lower back pain and build a proper posture for life, Duorest is introducing its newest premium seat cushion, Duorest On, which will make its global debut through Kickstarter on Monday, Jan. 25, 2021, at 9:00 p.m. PST.

Almost all of the seat cushions on the market today offer short-term comfort. However, these cushions fail to target the root of the issue, which is poor posture. Duorest On combines the power of sensors and machine-learning systems to help its users correct their posture for life. Over time, Duorest On users will be provided with practical data, instructions, and guidelines to steadily build proper posture. As the user sits on the Duorest On, the sensors will locate the areas that have the greatest amount of pressure and feed that data to its machine-learning system. This data will then be analyzed and sent to the user's smartphone, via the Duorest application. Based on the final results, the user will be given easy-to-read instructions on how to adjust their body in order to maintain proper posture. The Duorest App also contains dozens of stretching exercises that have been curated by professional chiropractors in order to help with pain relief in specific areas of the body including the neck, shoulders, upper back, and lower back. Regardless of whether the user is a sloucher, cross-legged-sitter, or side leaner, Duorest On will recognize the difference and create an accurate assessment. 

However, when it comes to seat cushions, comfort is absolutely king. The Duorest team analyzed thousands of body types and created an ergonomic form factor that will mold to each and every user's body shape in order to maximize comfort levels. It does not stop there. The Duorest On is also made with high-density foam, which is known to be used in the highest quality cushions. With the combination of traditional design and technology, Duorest has created a product that has yet to be available in the global market. 

Pre-orders for the Duorest On will be available through Kickstarter with prices starting at $132, which will only be available for the Kickstarter campaign's first 50 backers. After that, the Duorest On will be priced at $142 for the next 100 backers and then $152 for all other backers. The Duorest team is also announcing that it is looking for global distribution and licensing partners. Any company interested in either can submit an inquiry through the Duorest On Kickstarter campaign. Any journalists or editors interested in receiving a sample to review are also encouraged to contact the company.

Source: Duorest Inc.


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