South Korean Healthcare Startup Breathings Corp. is Sponsored by Samsung to Launch a New Breath Analysis Device on Kickstarter

Breathings Corp. is seeking to raise a minimum of $10,000 to take its new breath analysis device Bulo to the market

Breathings Corp. is looking to change the way people view the relationship between the body's respiratory system and their daily activities. Although many people innately understand that breathing is fundamental to life, the power that it has over the tasks that we perform is overlooked.

With this idea in mind, Breathings Corp. CEO Inpyo Lee left his previous job at Samsung to capitalize on this opportunity and create his own company. His background as an engineer and relationship with Samsung led Breathings Corp. to become part of Samsung's Corporate Startup Incubation Program (C.LAB). The funds provided by C.LAB led to the ideation and creation of Bulo. Now, Bulo is live on Kickstarter in order to make the product more accessible to the general public.

​Bulo is a breath analysis device that provides data and statistics that are organized in a way so that users can train in an intelligent way that will allow the person to increase their overall performance in his or her daily tasks. Based on the results, Bulo also recommends custom breathing exercises through the accompanying smartphone application.

Through the use of Bulo, Inpyo Lee hopes that its backers and supporters will be able to accomplish three things. First, strengthen their respiratory system. Second, increase their breathing capacity. Finally, boost breathing endurance. The combination of all three of these elements will allow for a greater and more efficient oxygen intake which will lead to increased physical performance, focus, and overall stamina.

Bulo is now live on Kickstarter with super early bird rewards starting at $84 plus shipping for its earliest adopters. Any journalists, editors or social media influencers interested in obtaining a sample to review are encouraged to submit an inquiry through the Bulo Kickstarter page.

Source: Breathings Corp.


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