Soundwiz Establishes New In-Person Product Review Process for Audio Gear

Company launches a new review process for product testing.

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International audiophile organization Soundwiz is launching a new in-person product review process. The new process, referred to as IPR, is part of a company-wide push to improve industry standards and enhance audio consumer experiences.

IPR establishes a new industry precedent for product testing and review. In a bold move away from the trend of writing reviews without physically seeing and interacting with the product, Soundwiz has indicated their commitment to only reviewing products that they have evaluated in person.

Soundwiz is proud to be a leader in audio reviews. We strive to incorporate cutting-edge practices into our operations, and we believe that our shift to an IPR reflects that.

Rasmus Barslund, CEO of Soundwiz

Soundwiz CEO Rasmus Barslund explained the decision to overhaul the product review process, saying:

“In recent years the audio and sound industry has seen a proliferation of companies that review products sight unseen. It’s been a race to the bottom, and Soundwiz wants to break that cycle and pioneer new best practices. We are committed to the end users who rely on our reviews to assist them in determining what audio products will meet their needs. To ensure that our product reviews are the best of the best, we will only provide reviews on products that our staff has evaluated in person. This allows Soundwiz to guarantee that our reviews are truly reflective of both the positive and negative aspects of a product.”

The IPR will include an extensive examination of all features and aspects of each product, including sound clarity, power, volume, battery life, frequency response, durability, build quality, and intuitive design. A comprehensive set of evaluation standards enables Soundwiz staff to effectively test and rate each product and compare it to other products.

Soundwiz will provide training on the new process to all employees and plans to implement new quality-control checks to verify that all product testing meets the company’s rigorous standards.

The IPR will be fully implemented by November 15, 2018, and all product reviews on will be retroactively updated to comply with the new testing standards.

Soundwiz is an international company dedicated to reviewing audio products and providing consumers with the information they need to make informed purchases.

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