Soul Surgery Attends American Society of Addiction Medicine Conference (ASAM)

Soul Surgery Attends American Society of Addiction Medicine Conference (ASAM), San Diego, April, 2018. 

Soul Surgery has recently returned from the 4-day ASAM conference, Innovations in Addiction Medicine and Science, bringing to their MAT facility (in Scottsdale) the most recent advancements in Medication- Assisted Treatment. Scientists, physicians, attorneys, clinicians and policy-makers, all devoted to the field of recovery, presented their latest findings, innovations, and challenges. 

In addition, Soul Surgery attended the ASAM Pre-Conference: Pain & Addiction: Common Threads Course XIX. This course addressed the challenging overlap between pain and addiction, offering the latest research and clinical guidelines that address our patient population.

Soul Surgery brings home the latest technology addressing Substance Use Disorder, the latest medical research in the field, and most importantly, the timely applications for Medication-Assisted Treatment, MAT. 

Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Centers help patients with Substance Abuse Disorders (SUD), including Opiate Use Disorders (OUD), Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD), and Dual Diagnosis or Co-Occuring Disorders.

Soul Surgery's licensed Medical and Clinical teams diagnosis the patient, examining co-occurring addiction and mental health conditions, identifying prior history of conditions, and noting all signs and symptoms manifesting during our assessment. Our teams determine the severity of, and need for, withdrawal management, evaluating all dimensions of risk and need. Soul Surgery determines if the patient has used any opioid agent, prescribed or illicit. We assess opioid use frequency, duration, and prior treatment. We yield DSM-5 opioid use disorder (OUD) diagnosis, symptom count and severity. We assess quantitive withdrawal symoptom scores (CINA) and Addiction Severity Index (ASI) drug severity composite scores. Our detailed recommendations include withdrawal management, opioid treatment services (MAT), and needed Level of Care. Moreover, we understand that intermittent re-assessment is necessary to update continuing needs and changes. This initial step ensures the patient's treatment plan is tailored to the specific needs of the presenting SUD. 

Soul Surgery fully implements the substance use disorder treatment according to ASAM criteria. This includes offering each patient evidence-based treatment such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT.) In the treatment plan, Soul Surgery considers the needs of patients who have recently received detoxification, who have received former residential treatment following detox, and those who are still in need of detox.

Our facility is suitable for a wide range of SUD and Dual-Diagnosis patient populations, and, in fact, each patient is involved in their assessment and treatment plan, whether the patient believes their symptoms are related to substance use, substance withdrawal, or completely independent of substance use. Some of Soul Surgery's areas of expertise in areas of psychiatric syndrome include: 

  • Anxiety Disorders (PTSD, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks)
  • Mood Disorders (both depressive and bipolar) 
  • Obsessive and compulsive symptoms 
  • Eating Disorders 
  • Cognitive Impairment 

Soul Surgery's 24 Hour Intake Line: 1 800 614 1107

Source: Soul Surgery

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