Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Centers Announces Medical Hypersensitivity Testing

Scottsdale Facility Offers New Testing and Treatment to Their SUD Patients

Soul Surgery

Researchers have long agreed that addictions may be connected to hidden hypersensitivity; however, few substance use disorder (SUD) treatment centers have tested patients for this issue. Fewer have treated patients for this issue. In addition, few dual diagnosis mental health facilities devoted to recovery have tested or treated patients for allergic reactions. Soul Surgery, a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, does not overlook this important step in their assessment. As part of the critical intake process, medical hypersensitivity testing and the subsequent treatment are included for every patient.

In a Praeger International Collection on Addictions, Mark Mathews and Joan Mathews-Larson present a relation between allergies and substance abuse in “The Role of Allergies in Addictions and Mental Illness.” For the SUD patient, evidence shows that the connections between allergies and cravings are strong. Other symptoms of medical hypersensitivity as related to addiction could include headaches, depression, the inability to focus, facial flushing, hives, nasal congestion, low blood pressure, nausea and diarrhea. 

Detoxification facilities, mental hospitals, residential rehab centers and even MAT treatment facilities often misdiagnosis the SUD patient. Many never even consider the possible role of allergies in a patient's recovery plan, prescribing the same treatment for each patient regardless of symptoms.

At Soul Surgery Addiction and Mental Health Centers, we test for medical hypersensitivity. If a patient's body is sensitive to a substance, our medical team can determine exactly what they may be reacting to. Allergies need to be diagnosed. Anaphylaxis is an acute biological reaction to an allergen and we believe it is critical to acknowledge this potential component of a patient's health. Our professional labs help the patient's medical and clinical team, and most importantly, the patient, determine their best treatment. 

We leave nothing to chance at Soul Surgery. We diagnosis each patient with every tool available, regardless of industry standards. Our medical and clinical team work together with the patient to determine their best recovery plan. Hence, our fully licensed state-of-the-art facility now includes medical hypersensitivity testing and treatment.

Source: Soul Surgery