Something's Back From the Early Days of the Internet . . .

The 1990's saw the internet boom - and for many aspiring authors it was their chance to connect and hone their skills. Now an author from those early days has revived an advice project with interesting results!

Steven Savage

So What Is "Way With Worlds?"

For many people around in the 90's, their first encounters with the Internet often meant a chance to indulge in their love of writing.  From fanfiction archives to writer's groups, webrings to mailing lists, many a hopeful author or writing enthusiast penned and shared their works.  At the same time, many websites - some still with us, some gone - sprang up to help them out.

IT professional Steven Savage was there in the early days, working on websites and penning advice.  Over sixteen years ago he created a series of columns called "Way With Worlds," providing advice on building settings.  The columns had a journey across many websites, a revival on his creative site, and now come full circle in book form.

"After some sixteen years, this is the next stage in my efforts to bring this old work to life!  First rewrites, now books.  It's fantastic to see this journey turn into something physical people can hold in their hands!" said Savage on his blog at

Savage's experience is a reminder that for many of us, the early days of the Internet not only don't go away, they don't have to.  New technology, like print on demand, lets us transform past works into something new.

Of course Savage notes he's not done yet; this is one of two books, with even more efforts planned . . . .

Source: Steven Savage


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