A New Examination of the Media Phenomena 'Sailor Moon'

Authors Steven Savage and Bonnie Walling have completed a new examination of the pop culture impact of the anime series "Sailor Moon" - focusing on women in North America.

Titled "Her Eternal Moonlight," the book explores the lives of over 30 North American female fans, what Sailor Moon meant to them, and how it changed them.  What emerges from this unauthorized examination is a remarkable story of a modern fairy tale that inspired and affected women to this day, and whose influences are wider than they seem.

  • A show of surprising differences and depths - Sailor Moon's story, approach, and values deeply affected the audience - and were often deeper (and more subversive) than they seemed.
  • A tale for and about women that didn't play by familiar rules - A cast of strong, diverse personalities, handled in a way the audience wasn't used to appealed to viewers - and let an audience see themselves differently.
  • A techno-cultural combination - A show unlike others, arriving as the Internet became a prominent part of a wider fandom, meant Sailor Moon's fans had an experience that was unlike many that came before.
  • A source of inspiration - How a surprisingly beloved show led people to new creativity, experience, and careers.

"Her Eternal Moonlight" takes a new look at a media sensation often taken for granted, and gives everyone a new chance to appreciate what this anime phenomena meant to women.

Source: Steven Savage


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