Softeon Announces Breakthrough Solution for "Eaches" Order Picking and Packing in the DC

System Delivers High Double Digital Productivity Gains, Reduces Costs of Pick Carts and Put Walls by as Much as 70%

​​Softeon, the a global supply chain software provider with the industry’s best record of customer success, announces a breakthrough solution for “eaches” order picking and packing that will dramatically improve productivity while reducing hardware costs by as much as 70%.

Omnichannel commerce and other changes in the market have led to significant increases in the amount of “eaches” picking, or selection of individual items for customer orders, versus full cases or pallets.

These changing order profiles add great complexity to distribution center operations, and eaches picking and packing is very costly on a per unit basis – a huge factor in why many companies are struggling to reach profitability in their e-commerce operations.

In response, many retailers and consumer goods companies have invested in, or are considering, technologies such as voice and light-driven pick carts and “put walls.”

Softeon’s breakthrough order fulfillment solution provides a dramatic improvement in the performance and cost of these existing technologies. It provides an end-to-end system that will provide double-digit percentage increases in picker productivity while reducing hardware costs for carts and walls by as much as 70% with the use of off-the-shelf components.

The Softeon solution has a number of important features:

·       A single software system – the Softeon WMS – that provides the complete solution without the need for any additional software and interfaces, as is typically required in voice, cart and wall systems.

·       The elimination of third-party software greatly simplifies system implementation and maintenance and provides for true real-time operations and exception handling.

·       Sophisticated, holistic order planning and release capabilities, including optimized order “clustering” technologies, that have proven to significantly improve overall order picking productivity and throughput using carts and walls.

·       By eliminating proprietary control systems for the hardware, off-the-shelf components such as lights and cart/wall materials can be used, reducing the costs by as much as 70% versus other current solutions.

·       Limitless combinations of picking technologies can be used, such as smart-phone based voice, RF and bar code scanning, light technology and more.

·       This completely integrated system supports packing operations as well as picking, allowing for example pick carts to be seamlessly taken to packing where the operators perform similarly optimized processing.

The Softeon order fulfillment system is successfully deployed right now at several retailers where it is delivering impressive results.

“At Softeon, we focus on simplifying what is complex,” said Dinesh Dongre, Vice President of Product Strategy at Softeon. “That’s what we’ve achieved here again with this order fulfillment solution, which is delivering breakthrough results and provides simplicity for our customers.”

Softeon will feature live demonstrations of this breakthrough solution at the upcoming ProMat show in Chicago April 3rd-6th, at Booth #4583.

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