Socialsuite's ESG Disclosure Platform Adopted by Additional 30 Publicly Listed Companies

Socialsuite, a global ESG disclosure and outcomes measurement software platform, has been adopted by an additional 30 publicly listed companies, traded across the NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX, and ASX exchanges, and several private equity-backed firms. This brings the total number of companies using the platform to over 90 with a combined market cap of $5 billion. A further 70 non-profit and healthcare organizations have adopted Socialsuite's outcomes measurement platform.

Companies around the world are adopting Socialsuite's ESG platform for three reasons: speed, simplicity, and low cost. Socialsuite helps companies publish their first ESG baseline disclosure within 30 days, and the platform's built-in AI helps teams design and write impact reports in less time than traditional approaches. The platform guides companies through an ESG materiality assessment, disclosing inputs against various frameworks, including SASB, TCFD, GRI, CDP, and GHG Protocol Corporate Standard (Scope 1 & Scope 2). By taking simple inputs, such as water or energy usage, Socialsuite creates outputs such as charts, impact reports, and investor slides. Socialsuite charges a low software subscription fee, and the platform is supported by a team of experts.

"At Socialsuite, we understand that Board Members, CEOs, and CFOs are often uncertain about where to start with sustainability and ESG disclosures," said Brad Gurrie, CEO of Socialsuite. "That's why we're proud to offer a solution that can get a company's baseline ESG disclosure live within just 30 days. Our software platform is not only easy to use but also less expensive than traditional methods. We're thrilled to welcome 30 more publicly listed companies to our platform and help them begin their ESG journey."

About Socialsuite

Socialsuite is an ESG and outcomes measurement software platform adopted by over 165 organizations worldwide. Publicly traded companies across the ASX, NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX, and OTC Markets, along with nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity, Scope, Teach for America, and The Prince's Trust, use Socialsuite to track and disclose their impact. Socialsuite has offices in Austin, Texas, and Melbourne, Australia.

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Source: Socialsuite