SocialMedia.Market is Holding a Token Sale on Dec. 7


SocialMedia.Market has announced the final date of the token sale. The first phase will be held on Dec. 7–14, 2017. The presale is already ongoing and will last until the start of the first phase of the token sale.

SocialMedia.Market is a decentralized influencer marketing platform, which allows users to create, launch and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers in a most convenient and relevant way.

The platform provides a solution to the main challenges of influencer marketing. It addresses the problems of fraud, uncertain pricing, complicated transactions, complex partnerships and low efficiency. As of now, the industry is fractured and requires a huge amount of time and resources to navigate the chaos of influencer marketing. With the implementation of the blockchain technology and smart contracts, SocialMedia.Market will eliminate fraud and create a secure ecosystem.

“Our goal is to develop a safe and transparent marketplace for every player in the influencer marketing industry. Therefore we are ensuring the highest level of transparency and security for our contributors during the token sale, making certain that they are protected with a smart contract and have fair conditions in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. SocialMedia.Market offers a solution to the industry challenges, creating a whole new set of opportunities for publishers, advertisers and agencies,” said the CEO and founder of SocialMedia.Market Dmitry Shyshov.

Influencer marketing has shown exponential growth in the past several years. By recent estimates, this market will turn into a $5–10 billion industry by the end of 2020. More than 92% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand that advertises using influencer marketing, while the constantly growing popularity of ad blockers makes banner advertising inefficient. Gaming and Esports were the first industries to notice the potential of influencer campaigns. Nevertheless, recent research shows that more businesses are incorporating influencer marketing into their strategies and budgets. While the current influencer marketing landscape poses many challenges for both brands and influencers, blockchain and smart contract technologies provide the opportunity to solve the issues and eliminate the risks.

All operations within the SocialMedia.Market ecosystem are executed with a utility cryptocurrency token – Social Media Token (SMT). It ensures 100 percent safe escrow transactions based on Blockchain technology, lower cost for transactions within the platform and simplified and fast global payments. SMT upholds high standards of services and prevents any unauthorized manual intervention in the processes within the system.

The SocialMedia.Market beta will be available early in February 2018. The second phase of the token sale is also scheduled for February 2018.

To learn more about SocialMedia.Market, please check the product website –

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