"Soccer Goal ": A Specially Designed Practice Soccer Goal Net

The "Soccer Goal" provides professional practice at home that aids any age soccer player.

​Sports lovers everywhere will appreciate this new practice device for outdoor home use that will aid any age soccer player from young to adult. Users will learn how to bend the ball, just like Beckman, Messi, and Ronaldo. The Soccer Goal is a specially designed practice soccer goal net sized for outdoor home use and provides a compact version of a soccer goal net featuring the all-important top corners —  where the spiders build their webs. These top corners are virtually impossible for the goalie to reach in order to block a shot and this is why free kick practice is so important.  Practice with the Soccer Goal allows players to perfect the free kick any time at home or school... and that helps players to bend the ball just like the soccer pros.

The Soccer Goal is a small scale version of a regular/typical soccer goal, appropriately sized to include the sweet spot of the soccer goal, the top corners and the best part of the goal to hit when looking to score with a free kick.  A commercial version of the Soccer Goal for use by high school soccer players, club competitors, college athletes and professional soccer players may also be produced.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Soccer Goal.
The Patented Soccer Goal was invented by Juan Persona of San Diego, CA who said “My intent when designing the Soccer Goal was to reach every neighborhood and use this product to enhance every players kicking technique. It is a consumer back-yard product that works perfectly. It will also have a more robust commercial version for higher quality players.”  

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