SoCal Design Agency Decides to Remix Big Baller Brand Logo

Big Baller Brand Basketball

Big Baller Brand is the latest athletic company hitting the headlines. The family owned company started out in 2016 but quickly gained traffic with big media personality LaVar Ball and son, Lonzo Ball currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Big Baller Brand is quickly expanding with new endeavors including the creation of the Junior Basketball Association (JBA). As big as the brand has come to be, one tends to wonder how much more successful it could be with a more appealing look that can compete with the bigger brands.

The SoCal Design Agency, Creative Squeeze, just announced their newest series titled “Design Remix” where they pick out an existing brand they feel could use a fresh look. The first installment for The Design Remix features the popular Big Baller Brand. BBB is already insanely popular among many basketball fans, but Creative Squeeze felt there was room for improvement with their branding, aesthetic, and overall presentation. Their ultimate goal for BBB was to keep it consistent with the familiar existing branding associated around Big Baller Brand.

“We are passionate NBA fans in and outside of the office, and being that we are in the middle of the off-season, we thought it was an innovative way to help remedy our NBA withdrawals,” the CS design team said in a joint statement. “Every business quarter, our team creates a ‘design remix’ of an upcoming and/or popular brand that we feel would be fun to put our spin on aesthetically. Big Baller Brand is already making it known that it belongs with the big basketball and footwear brands of this generation, so, all things considered, we deemed it a good fit.”

Take a look at the full rebrand and you can be the judge on whether this remix was a success or not!

Source: Creative Squeeze


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