Mexican Heritage Redefined and Redesigned Through LA Dodgers Baseball

Celebrate With the LA Dodgers in SoCal Design Agency's Latest Design Remix Series in Honor of Mexican Heritage Night.

LA Dodgers Mexican Heritage

The LA Dodgers celebrate Mexican Heritage Night this week against the Atlanta Braves. SoCal design agency Creative Squeeze just released the latest installment of The Design Remix featuring a custom design series honoring Mexican Heritage Night, an annual celebration hosted by the LA Dodgers. An equal passion for sports and design to honor Mexican Heritage come together beautifully in this special project. 

Elvis Lopez was one of the main designers on the project and was asked about his main source of inspiration behind the effort:

"Growing up in East LA in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood, one of the core foundations that brought the community together was everyone's love for The Dodgers. I wanted to bring that nostalgic feeling to the designs so that it properly visualized and represented my community. I know it's a very specific perspective to identify both my Mexican heritage as well as a Dodgers fan in one design, but I have a feeling that if it represents me, then it will speak to others as well."

The construction of the logo consisted of three main features:
1) Traditionally inspired typography
2) Mexican culture design elements
3) Timeless design

Take a look at the full comprehensive design and be the judge on whether this remix was a success or not: ​

Source: Creative Squeeze

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