Soaring Sky Offers the Lowest Online Drones Prices for Their Grand Opening

For the grand opening of their drone store, FAA approved company, Soaring Sky is giving away drones for cost.

Quick before the boss finds out, says manager of Soaring Sky Ryan Cowell “let's gift as many drones as we can at cost for a big thank you for all the support.  My mission is to see as many people having fun with drones as possible”.  With all the news coverage this week about Soaring Sky’s FAA approval, we have been exploding with business.  Marketing director Kayla adds “Just a tip, spread the news out fast because I’ve never seen a drone sale like this before!  Were offering 10% off all DJI drones so you better hurry because I know were going to be in big trouble for it, our jobs are on the line here but we believe in defying the limits”.  

Drones are the hottest new trend on the market, for grandma’s, families, and people of all ages.  Seriously, if you have two hands then you can have fun and fly it anywhere. Soaring Sky has your back; when you buy a drone from us you will get the best beginner's training guide in the world from our academy.  Don’t worry if you're a beginner or professional, with the proper education anyone can fly them!  Hurry get yours now and tell your friends about this lifetime offer!  There is one caveat, after you buy it we want to see all the cool places your flying, so share your photos with us on social media!  

My mission is to see as many people having fun with drones as possible.

Ryan Cowell, Manager

If your interested in purchasing a drone or learning more about what they do please visit Soaring Sky at our website or call (239) 333-2447. They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram @soaringskymedia.