Drone Technology Company, Soaring Sky, Educates the Nation About Dronealism

Soaring Sky Conducts One of the First Live Broadcasts From a Drone and Shares the Benefits of Using This Technology With the Industry

FAA approved drone technology company, Soaring Sky, believes that drones are the future of journalism.  As leaders in drone technology, Soaring Sky was one of the first to conduct live broadcasting from a drone in the nation.  The company strives to educate about the benefits of using drones in the industry.  Drones can provide a new perspective to any story and reach areas that helicopters and news teams cannot. Drones can be deployed faster and save up to 80 percent in cost.  

The company focuses on sharing their knowledge of the applications, possibilities, and safety of drone technology within nation. In their efforts they spent this past weekend at the Excellence in Journalism 2015 conference, which took place in Orlando, FL. Soaring Sky was able to share their expertise of “Dronealism” with those in the industry.  Attendees included some of the biggest stations in the country including CNBC, FOX, and CNN.  Contact Soaring Sky for any interviews, questions, or education that pertain to the drone industry.  


Soaring Sky was founded in December 2013, by Daniel and Sarah Barres and is led by managing partner, Ryan Cowell. As the leader in drone technology, Soaring Sky provides a multitude of services from cinematography to inspections and surveying. They are one of the few companies in the U.S to be fully FAA approved and insured.  Using the latest in drone technology they continue to push the limits and inspire new possibilities.  Their team is made up of some of the most talented people on the planet that are united by one mission: To educate and create with a new perspective.  Call (239) 333-2447 to get more information about Soaring Sky.