So Fetch Releases Standup Bot: Automated Standups in Slack

So Fetch releases Standup Bot, an app that integrates with Slack to automate daily standups.

So Fetch, a web and mobile app company, released Standup Bot today. Standup Bot is an app that integrates with Slack, and automates daily standup meetings for both public and private channels.

For most Slack users, daily meetings are disorganized and untimely, or completely nonexistent. Standup Bot asks users three questions and records them for its report. These three questions keep teams on-task and remove roadblocks.

Standup Bot can integrate with both the desktop and mobile Slack app. All users who chat using Slack can interact with Standup Bot. Once the standup is completed, Standup Bot creates a beautiful report on a separate webpage, and delivers it to everyone’s inbox. This feature ensures that teams are kept up-to-date on various projects, roadblocks are removed, and nothing gets forgotten. The project started when So Fetch needed a better way to conduct daily standups. It originally released open-source, but was so successful that non-tech savvy teams requested a way to use it. This version of Standup Bot is easy to install — no developer required.

So Fetch is a tech company housing industry-leading designers and developers. The team is known for building web and mobile apps spanning navigation, ghostwriting, and various platforms that service millions of monthly users.

Standup Bot can be viewed at standupbot dot com.